Ask Lucy:
May 2017

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This week for ‘Ask Lucy‘, our Customer Service Advisor, Lucy Brooks, answers your top questions on the online teacher guide.

Question 1: Do you sell your online Teacher Guide subscription as a stand-alone product to schools?

No, the online Teacher Guides are a support resource for the textbooks and workbooks. They are only available to schools who order a class book bundle (equal amounts of textbooks and workbooks) and not as a stand-alone product.

Question 2: Why do you not sell the Teacher Guide subscription as a stand-alone product?

The use of textbooks for group work and independent practice through the workbooks is an integral part of the Singapore maths methodology. The scheme is based on this premise and we strongly believe that every pupil should have access to both books.

By having their own textbook, pupils can directly engage with the illustrations and instructions in the textbook and progress at their own pace during Guided Practice. The younger children and struggling learners, for example, will want to physically count the illustrations in the textbooks to help them come up with the solution and this is more difficult if children are sharing resources.

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