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12 Highlights from the 2018 MNP Annual Conference

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12 Highlights from the 2018 MNP Annual Conference

Well — 23 May came and went, and with it, the 2018 MNP Annual Conference: a landmark event bringing together educators and experts to tackle the biggest ideas in maths education.

The topic this year? Teaching for assessment. And if that seems like an open ended topic — that’s because it is. We welcomed a wide range of topics, thoughts and presentations on assessment, and our speakers, experts and panel members didn’t disappoint.

Since the conference spanned 8 idea-filled hours, there’s way too much to summarise in one blog post. That’s why we’ve put together a few highlights from our #MNPConf18 hashtag.

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Keynote speaker Tim Oates kicked off the day with one of the most informed perspectives on assessment in the world. Many more highlights to come from this tremendous talk, but here are a couple of high points:

If you’re a teacher, chances are you know this comic inside out. Well, Dr Chris Harrison from King’s College gave us a fresh take on it during her talk on Classroom Assessment:

Right on time just after lunch, Dr Yeap Ban Har joined with an International Keynote Address to discuss assessment in Singapore.

This classic quote from George Polya made an appearance:

He reminded us that when it comes to assessment, what happens during the task can be just as important as the final product:

And highlighted an interesting —albeit controversial! — assessment technique from Singapore. (What do you think?):

Dawn Copping’s extremely popular talk Assessment Without Deep Marking cast a critical eye on marking myths:

And made many of us reflect on how we assess, and the impact it can have on pupils:

And how “triple assessment” can rob teachers of time — with little benefit to learners:

And the surprising marking practice adopted by her school, Shaw Primary Academy:

Similarly, the idea of “classic” marking practices — and why we do what we do — came up in the day’s closing panel:

Which ties nicely to a general conference theme noticed by @CParkinson535 (and shared by many):

The venue wasn’t bad, either!:

To quote many, it was indeed a clever day for all of us:

A tremendous thanks to everyone who joined!

It’s not often a shift in pedagogy and thinking happens in an eight hour period. Maybe it’s just us, but we think exactly that happened this past 23 May.

Didn’t make it?

Keep your eyes peeled for more conference content! Plus, there’s pretty much guaranteed to be an MNP course coming up near you for a little extra maths momentum.


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