About the Maths — No Problem! Accredited School Programme

The Accredited School Programme showcases schools demonstrating an outstanding commitment to and implementation of the Maths — No Problem! Primary Series. These are the community leaders who provide others with the chance to see maths mastery first-hand and in-action. Every Accredited School endeavours to provide sound, informative advice, and to help support schools new to or interested in the MNP Primary Series.

Wondering what maths mastery looks like? See how it’s done. Learn from welcoming and experienced practitioners. Get connected, and gain valuable insight on how to best implement maths for mastery on a school-wide level.

Programme highlights:

  • Accredited Schools showcase best practices in Singapore maths teaching
  • Schools are often formally recognized for their expertise and leadership in maths teaching
  • Schools within the Programme receive ongoing support and professional development opportunities to help maintain standards
  • All Accredited Schools offer open house days and consultancy services on behalf of Maths — No Problem!

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Interested in joining the programme as an Accredited School? You’ll be recognised as a leader in maths for mastery, and an essential resource for those interested in the MNP Primary Series.

What to expect as an Accredited School:

  • Your school will be recognised and promoted by Maths — No Problem! for its best practice in maths teaching
  • The opportunity to raise your school’s profile by participating in research projects, videos, case studies, and speaking engagements
  • Full support and endorsement of your school’s maths teaching, including an approved status logo for your website
  • Complimentary training places for two staff members to attend In-Depth Mastery Courses with a practitioner from Singapore, plus one free place at the Annual Mastery Conference
  • An opportunity to hold chargeable Maths — No Problem! open days and consultancy services to other schools on our behalf
  • Annual support and observation visit by a Maths — No Problem! training consultant and peer-to-peer support from other accredited schools

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