Maths — No Problem! Schools

We will soon be announcing the list of Maths — No Problem! Schools, institutions who will help us provide leadership and support to other schools on their journey towards teaching maths for mastery. These schools will demonstrate their outstanding implementation of the Maths — No Problem! approach whilst also benefiting from ongoing support and development.

Need To Know

  • Maths – No Problem! schools exemplify best practice in Singapore Maths teaching
  • They receive formal recognition of their leadership and expertise in maths teaching
  • Maths – No Problem! schools receive ongoing support and development to maintain standards
  • They offer open days and consultancy services on behalf of Maths — No Problem!

Announcing Our New Model School Programme

Who better to provide support to schools embarking on their journey towards maths teaching excellence, than schools which have already mastered it? The Maths — No Problem! approach is gaining momentum and so we will soon be announcing a list of schools to act as regional support centres, to offer paid leadership and consultancy services to other schools in their area.

Why Become A Maths — No Problem! School?

As well as recognition for your school’s excellent maths teaching, there are many other benefits to becoming a Maths — No Problem! School:

  • Your school will be recognised and promoted by Maths — No Problem! for its best practice maths teaching.
  • The opportunity to raise your school’s profile by participating in research projects, videos, case studies and speaking engagements.
  • Full support and endorsement of your school’s maths teaching, including an approved status logo for your website.
  • Benefit from complimentary training places for two staff members to attend In-Depth Mastery Courses with a practitioner from Singapore, plus one free place at the Annual Mastery Conference.
  • An opportunity to hold chargeable Maths — No Problem! open days and consultancy services to other schools on our behalf.
  • Annual support and observation visit by a Maths — No Problem! training consultant and peer-to-peer support from other model schools.