Tools for Teaching

Based on the world’s best pedagogical ideas, every Maths — No Problem! resource uses proven teaching methods to develop a deeper understanding of maths in all learners.

Primary Resources for Maths

maths no problem textbook and visualiser app

Primary Maths Series

Support your Year 1–6 learners with textbooks and workbooks backed by decades of research, designed by experts and accredited by the DfE.

Teacher Guides

Get step-by-step guidance for every lesson, including tips for differentiation, addressing common misconceptions and formative assessment. Includes a parent-friendly companion as well.


Create compelling lessons with the Visualiser app. It’s an all-in-one teaching tool for iPad that lets you create, save and share your own maths mastery lessons, wherever you are.


Challenge your advanced learners with problems that encourage deep thinking and productive struggle within a single topic, rather than accelerating them through content.

School at Home

Award winning government approved textbooks and workbooks you can use at home.

graphic of mathematics assessment report

Assessment for Learning

See the impact of Maths — No Problem! in your class with powerful assessment resources. Know where your learners are, in all areas of maths, so you can move them forward.

Assessment Papers

Accurately measure your learners’ depth of understanding with summative assessment papers that link back to the Maths — No Problem! textbooks and the English national curriculum.


Instantly identify your learners’ strengths and gaps with an intuitive assessment tool that interprets complex data and turns it into practical information you can use, right away.

Ongoing Support

maths teacher professional development course videos and tool kit

We want to help teachers be the best they can be. Take advantage of extensive training, resources and opportunities to learn the Maths — No Problem! approach and grow your practice.


Access over 20 hours of in-depth topic videos, interviews and online lessons plans to master effective, easy-to-use strategies and build your maths confidence.

Training Courses

Start building your maths mastery foundation, or support and sharpen your skills with in-depth training. Whether you prefer online or face-to-face training, we’ve got you covered.

Inset Training

If you’re new to Maths — No Problem! or looking to further support maths mastery in your school, there’s customised training online or in-person to suit your team’s needs.

Annual Conferences

Connect with innovative educators, academics and thought leaders from around the world to tackle important pedagogical topics and shape the future of maths education.

Scheme of Work

Get a precise roadmap to help guide you in ensuring deep learning takes place in the classroom. The Maths — No Problem! Scheme of Work outlines the exact progression of topics — from Year 1 to Year 6 — with a weekly summary, and indicates the level of depth needed to confidently teach maths for mastery.

Success Stories

Every school has to start their maths mastery journey at the beginning. Find out why so many teachers, thought leaders, schools, maths hubs and mastery specialists trust us.

We made Maths — No Problem! for them, and we made it for you too.