Why Use Singapore Maths Books?

The Singapore curriculum for mathematics and science has consistently produced excellent results. Singapore is at the top of the charts in international comparisons of educational systems such as TIMSS and PIRLS. The textbooks and workbooks are used successfully in over 30 countries around the world.

Are The Books In English?

Yes, all the books are in English.

Which Primary Series Should I Use?

You should use the Maths — No Problem! series. It is an edition that has been written for UK pupils.

Which Primary Books Do I Need If…

..I Am A Teacher In A Classroom?

The core materials are the pupil book and the workbooks. The teaching guides are an invaluable tool for classroom teachers as they outline the learning objectives, additional classroom activities and the schemes of work. The pupil books (textbooks) have many examples of concrete and pictorial activities which are meant to be performed in a guided practice environment (guided by an adult but performed by the pupil). This formulates the basis for the learning. In a classroom children would typically be in groups working through the examples in the pupil books. The workbooks are meant for individual work: the pupils do a series of questions designed to reinforce what they have just learned. Each lesson starts with examples in the pupil book and ends with individual work in the workbook.

..I Am A Home Educator?

If you are home educating you will most likely need the pupil books and the workbooks.

..I Am Supplementing My Child’s Maths Comprehension At Home?

If you are supplementing your child because they are finding maths difficult you may wish to consider the pupil book and work book, but be aware that you may need to go back a level or two in order to make sure the children don’t have any gaps in knowledge.

Do The Books Follow The UK National Curriculum?

The primary Maths — No Problem! series follows the 2014 English national Curriculum.

Which Level Should I Start With?

Year 1 pupils can comfortably start with the year 1 books, but as this programme progresses rapidly it is often a good idea to go back a year if you are introducing it later on, otherwise the pupil may find it too difficult. Depending on the requirements of your individual case, it rarely pays off to race ahead as this programme is designed to develop a deep understanding which can be undermined if you progress too quickly or just skim the surface.

What Measurement System Is Used In The Books?

All of the books use the metric measurement system.

How Do I Order Large Quantities Of Books?

If you need to order a large number of books please send us an e-mail with your requirements and we will get back to you promptly.

Where Do You Ship To?

From the website you can place orders to have books shipped to the UK Europe and other parts of the world. If you would like books shipped elsewhere, please contact us by e-mail.

How Long Will The Books Take To Arrive Once An Order Has Been Placed?

We try our best to fulfil orders of books that are in stock as soon as the order comes in, and the books should be with you in 3-5 days in the UK and 7-10 days in Europe depending on the postal service.

Books that we do not keep in stock or that are out of stock at the moment of order will take longer and in some cases up to 8 weeks.

In most instances the books will be sent by the postal service but we reserve the right to deliver using alternate methods when we feel this may be appropriate.

What Currency Is Used In The Books?

The currency used in the Maths — No Problem books is GBP Pounds £. The New Syllabus books use SGD $.

Some Of The Books Have An A And A B In The Level, What Does This Represent?

When books have an A and a B these simply represent the beginning and the end of the level. A is the first half of the level and B is the second half. Once you have completed A then you would progress to B.