Helping your child master an understanding and love of maths

Maths — No Problem!

Your child’s school teaches a maths mastery approach using the Maths — No Problem! Programme

What is maths mastery?

Maths Mastery is a method of teaching that ensures your child understands mathematical concepts in depth.

This approach involves applying maths knowledge in real life situations, helping children understand how and why the maths works, instead of only learning rote procedure. This allows your child to make stronger connections, develop a long-term understanding of maths and — more importantly — enjoy learning mathematics!

If you want to know more about what the Maths — No Problem! programme teaches your child, watch the world renowned Dr. Yeap Ban Har explain the core concepts of maths mastery in this series of videos.

“Since the implementation throughout our school of Maths — No Problem! we have seen an enormous change around the students’ attitudes and engagement regarding the learning of mathematics, especially in our lower end students. Our students now love their mathematics. They are more engaged, happier and once again excited to be doing mathematics.”

– Belinda Pyman
, HOD mathematics, Kuratau School

Maths — No Problem! is backed by decades of research

Our Programme has 30+ years of research from global education specialists behind it, and is proven to support all learners in developing a deep understanding of maths.

Maths — No Problem! textbook

Textbooks have been expertly laid out with visuals that support your child’s conceptual understanding of maths.

Maths — No Problem! workbook

Workbooks allow children to practice new concepts, with questions that increase in difficulty to develop their understanding.

We believe every child can master an in-depth understanding and love of mathematics, and each year we see it happen again and again with Maths — No Problem! We’re proud to be part of your child’s school and mathematics journey.

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