Bundles for Schools

The Maths — No Problem! Primary Series is recommended by the DfE for schools on the mastery programme. Bundles are an easy and affordable way for schools to invest in the series offering school discounts on books and access to the Teacher Guides and Academy, which aren’t otherwise available.

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Need to know

  • Bulk discounts on the Primary Maths Series textbooks and workbooks
  • Discounted annual subscription* to Academy
  • Includes subscriptions to the online Teacher Guides
  • Free Singapore Maths Parent Videos
  • Choice of Inset or In-Depth courses from our world-class expert trainers
  • We cater for small and mixed-age classes so that you only pay for what you need
  • The Maths — No Problem! Primary Series was assessed by the DfE’s expert panel, which judged that it met the core criteria for a high-quality textbook to support teaching for mastery

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The impact of the programme on teachers

Discounted options for schools

Schools investing in the programme can enjoy discounts for buying books in bulk – worth more than £400 for a class of 30. What’s more, bundle discounts are also available for smaller and mixed-age classes so you only pay for what you need.

Premium Bundles

Premium bundles are for schools using the Primary Maths Series for the first time. They provide discounts on all the textbooks and workbooks, online lesson plans and annual subscription to Academy.

Refresh Bundles

Refresh bundles are for schools who have previously bought a premium bundle. They allow schools to top up their workbooks and renew their subscriptions at a discount.

Online lesson planning

Exclusively for schools who order bundles, our online Teacher Guides provide step-by-step guidance on how each lesson should be conducted. They include:

  • The Maths — No Problem! Fundamentals Video Course to introduce the essentials of maths mastery
  • Schemes of work mapped against the English national curriculum
  • Lesson objectives and approach
  • A list of resources required to teach each lesson
  • Textbook and workbook answers
  • Opportunities for formative assessment
  • Ideas for differentiated activities

Free Parent Videos

It’s important to engage parents in the change and help those parents who want to support their children at home. That’s why we include a range of bite-sized videos which explain the basics to parents who are unfamiliar with the approach. Also a great resource for teaching assistants, the videos are included free with every school bundle.


A ‘must-see’ for any school implementing the programme, our comprehensive training videos feature world-class maths teaching experts, such as series consultant Dr Yeap Ban Har. Annual subscription to Academy is included with our standard bundles.

Developed by experts

Our Primary Maths Series New Edition is published by Maths — No Problem! and their team of experts in maths mastery education. The series consultant in Singapore is Dr Yeap Ban Har who is a world-recognised expert in maths teaching.

UK evidence

The Maths — No Problem! Primary Series was assessed by the DfE’s expert panel, which judged that it met the core criteria for a high-quality textbook to support teaching for mastery. As a result, the Maths — No Problem! Primary Series are recommended textbooks for schools on the mastery programme.

The Primary Series is one of the few textbooks that complies with the UK’s high-quality textbook guidance published by the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM).

Source: NCETM Maths Hubs Textbooks Project Year 1 Report, September 2015

*Your subscription provides access to the planning tools and video library for the academic year. Your subscription will commence as soon as you buy a premium or refresh bundle and will lapse on 31 July. To maintain continuous access to these services over the summer break, we recommend you refresh your order before the end of term.

For more details contact our Education Consultants at +44 1892 537 706, or contact our Sales team and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.