The Mathsteasers Series

A welcome challenge for advanced learners

Keep advanced learners engaged with the Mathsteasers Series. Featuring questions developed by world-renowned mathematician Tony Gardiner, the series follows the 2014 English national curriculum. Spanning three booklets for Years 4–8, Mathsteasers questions encourage deep mathematical thinking instead of simply accelerating through topics.

Image of three mathsteasers books: Alpha, Beta, Gamma

A class on the same page

By deepening advanced learners’ knowledge within a single topic instead of moving to higher-order content, Mathsteasers encourage whole-class teaching.

A flexible resource

When you use Mathsteasers is up to you. Having a clever day? Select the right problem to give learners an added challenge.

A challenge for everyone

Questions from any Mathsteasers booklet give learners a challenge all the way up to lower secondary school.

Make maths better for advanced learners

Mathsteasers are an essential classroom resource for Years 4–8. Each question booklet encourages deep thinking and productive struggle in advanced learners. Use them on their own, or in tandem with the award-winning Maths — No Problem! textbooks.

Mathsteasers can be used in-class, as homework or for journaling. They are not meant to be written in directly — use them year after year. Solutions for each question and extra guidance is included in each booklet.

First book of the mathsteaser series: Alpha

Alpha: The 1st Book of Mathsteasers for Years 4–8

  • Based on the Year 4 national curriculum
  • Consists of 12 chapters and 143 questions in total
  • Chapters include Place Value, Time and Roman Numerals
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Second instalment of the mathsteaser series: Beta

Beta: The 2nd Book of Mathsteasers for Years 5–8

  • Based on the Year 5 national curriculum
  • Consists of 13 chapters and 158 questions in total
  • Chapters include Fractions, Decimals and Geometry
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The third instalment of Mathsteasers: Gamma

Gamma: The 3rd Book of Mathsteasers for Years 6–8

  • Based on the Year 6 national curriculum
  • Consists of 12 chapters and 199 questions in total
  • Chapters include Word Problems, Ratio and Pre-algebra
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Three teachers apart of the Maths — No Problem! community

Mathsteasers how-to guide

Get up and running with Mathsteasers! Learn best practices, teaching techniques and innovative ways to make the most of Mathsteasers in your class. Plus, regular contributions from the Maths — No Problem! community let you see how educators like you use Mathsteasers.

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