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Powerful lessons are a few taps away. Visualiser is a free app that lets you create and save lessons ahead of time, collaborate with colleagues and help your learners make sense of complex mathematical concepts.

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Requires iPadOS version 13.2

Expand your teaching toolkit

maths mastery classroom tool visualiser app showing how to create a new activity

Lead transformative lessons

Help your students connect with mathematics in a more concrete way. With specialised tools designed for teachers, you can create clear and captivating lessons that build deeper understanding in your learners.

Your all-in-one teaching tool

Thoughtfully prepare lessons ahead of class with full control over what, when and how you present. No time to finish lesson prep in one go? Not to worry. You can always save your sessions and work on them later.

Stay connected with your class

Teaching remotely? Visualiser makes the transition to distance learning smoother. Screencast your device, interact with and adjust your lessons in real time, and respond to your learners’ needs.

Turn your lessons into a game

Anchor tasks are a fun, interactive way for learners to apply their understanding. Join familiar Maths — No Problem! characters as they solve problems and help your learners engage with mathematics in a real-world setting.

Create compelling lessons with Visualiser Activities

Using our templates as a starting point, or bringing your ideas to life by designing your own lessons — Visualiser empowers you to do your best work no matter which maths mastery programme you follow. Here’s what’s included.

Bar Modelling

Help learners visualise mathematical concepts to solve problems. Use the Bar Modelling Tool to easily create bar models that you can customise, label, split and fuse. Add stickers, text and parentheses to create clear and concise lessons with a personal touch

Base 10 Blocks

Build a deeper understanding of place value and number through multiple representations. Using the Base 10 Blocks Tool, you can add blocks of 1s, 10s, 100s, and 1000s to your lessons. Easily split, join and rotate your blocks, customise their colours, and auto-calculate sums.

Linking Cubes

Help your learners visualise numbers and equations with pictorial representations. Drag and drop linking cubes into your lesson, link cubes and move them as groups, select cubes and customize their colours, and add stickers and parentheses to create clear and engaging lessons.


The Whiteboard Tool gives you complete creative freedom! Add text, draw and quickly annotate or add stickers of helpful shapes, objects and familiar Maths — No Problem! characters. Access the Whiteboard Tool in every Visualiser activity to help you interact with lessons as you present.

an example of a number bond in the Visualiser app

Number Bonds

Number bonds help learners understand how to split and combine numbers in useful ways. With the Number Bonds Tool, you can easily create your own number bonds, attach and detach number circles, and customise their appearance to make mathematics more intuitive.

an example of number discs in the Visualiser app

Number Discs

Number discs help further learners’ understanding of place value with large numbers. The Number Discs Tool lets you drag and drop number discs into your lesson, combine or split numbers, create large amounts quickly and use a place value chart to support your lessons.

an example of ten frames in the Visualiser app

Ten Frames

Make ten your friend as you show problem-solving strategies within ten frames. The Ten Frame Tool helps you create basic ten frames and modified frames, add tokens and quickly clear them away, and easily select all the moving parts within your lesson.

an example of using clocks in the Visualiser app


Would you look at the time! The Clock Tool lets you tap and drag the minute and hour hands forwards and backwards, reset the time and sync your clock tool with the current time. Go further by selecting time slices and showing learners how many minutes or hours have passed within each selection.

Designed to do more

Unlike other teaching apps, Visualiser is an all-in-one digital toolkit for specialist practitioners that supports learner progression while saving you valuable lesson-planning time.

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Everything you need in one place

Never wonder where you put that worksheet again. Visualiser stores all of your files in the dashboard for you to easily find and manage. Create new lessons, find your saved lessons and even go back and edit past activities. When you’re ready to let your expertise shine, select any lesson to share it with a colleague, or print it off for your class.

screenshot showing iOS mirroring

Ready to connect

Present lessons by connecting Visualiser with your current class set-up. Visualiser works with projectors, in-classroom digital displays and interactive whiteboards. Plus, it supports wireless streaming through Apple TV, so you can teach a seamless virtual lesson from the comfort of home.

How does the Visualiser app work?

Once you know the basics of Visualiser, getting started is simple. Learn how to create your first Session, add Activities from pre-designed templates and explore some of the tools included.

For more helpful Visualiser tutorials, head over to our YouTube playlist.

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We’re better together

Visualiser makes sharing lessons with colleagues simple.

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Share knowledge and collaborate

Did you teach an exceptional lesson? Did you find something that really clicked with your students? Share your lessons with peers who use the Visualiser app, so they can teach it too.

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Requires iPadOS version 13.2