Southborough Church of England Primary School
Tunbridge Wells, UK

What makes Southborough an Accredited School

Southborough started their MNP journey back in 2015, and they haven’t looked back since. They believe that all children can achieve with an evidence-based approach to learning that teaches critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration.

And it shows. They’ve elevated maths attainment across the board and their pupils are eager to learn from a dedicated staff that promotes a culture where there are no barriers to a child’s success.

The MNP approach to maths mastery has worked so well for them that they continue to share their experiences with us and with school across the UK.

School at a glance:

  • Large primary school of 630~ pupils in 2019
  • Serves pupils from reception to year 6
  • 91% of pupils in year 2 achieved the national standard or higher in mathematics
  • Rated by Ofsted as “Good” in all areas, specifically noting that “school leaders have raised pupils’ achievement by ensuring that teachers share their high expectations of what pupils can do”
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In their own words

Our Maths — No Problem! journey

Our school is constantly striving to build upon our strengths and our outstanding maths attainment at Key Stage 1 and 2.

Since embarking on our Singapore maths journey two years ago, the Southborough team has consistently shown passion, commitment and vision throughout all stages of a successful implementation and development of Maths — No Problem!. As a school, we knew we wanted to put ‘maths at the heart of everything we do’ and this became a core element of the school development plan.

From an initial whole school inset, led by an MNP trainer, we have continually refined and improved the quality of maths teaching and learning at Southborough; we are proud and delighted to be regularly recommended and visited by schools (travelling from increasingly faraway) who want to observe Singapore maths across the primary phases.

Reassuringly, we are now beginning to receive repeat visits from schools who have followed in our MNP footsteps and now wish to proceed further along the mastery path. Our success has been achieved through a clear vision of where we want to get our school to, underpinned by a strong and supportive leadership, teaching, support and governing team.

Maths — No Problem! in our school

Regular in-school inset and staff training has ensured that all teachers are on-board with maths mastery. Our initiatives have included repeatedly dedicating teacher and TA meeting time to watching and analysing Dr Yeap Ban Har teaching videos. This has been carried out in conjunction with CPD activities including:

  • all staff contributing towards question banks designed to elicit and deepen thinking amongst learners.
  • teachers and TAs carrying out peer monitoring and observations to further embed Singapore-style questioning and reasoning.
  • teachers and TAs carrying out peer monitoring and observations to further embed Singapore-style questioning and reasoning.
  • developing the teaching of problem solving together with adults developing their subject knowledge and the use of manipulatives across all year groups.
  • the development of our ‘Quick 6’ and challenge questions was inspired by listening to Ban Har and watching the MNP teacher hub videos.