Assessment Papers

The solution for schools looking to test and evidence that their pupils have truly mastered maths, these twice yearly tests assess pupils’ mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills. The papers follow the format and conditions of the SATs papers so that they feel familiar and provide the same rigour as the national tests.

Assessment papers at a glance

  • Summative assessment tests for Years 1 to 6
  • Twice-yearly arithmetic and problem-solving papers
  • Fully aligned to the English national curriculum for mathematics
  • Modelled on the 2016 SATs paper format
  • Trialled in English schools
  • Full marking scheme

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Based on the SATs

The papers follow the format and conditions of the SATs papers so that they feel familiar and provide the same rigour as the national tests. To ensure that the tests are classroom-ready, the papers have been trialled in a wide variety of schools located across the country.

Assess fluency and intellectual processes

The papers use the cognitive and content domains from the national curriculum tests allowing teachers to test pupils’ thinking skills and intellectual processes. And unlike some assessment schemes, which only test the curriculum from that year group, our papers provide content from earlier years, giving teachers a more complete assessment of pupils’ understanding and progress.

Easy to administer

The class packs include a comprehensive guide on how the tests should be administered and marked so that the scores will be fair and consistent across the school. Furthermore, the marking scheme shows you how to credit pupils who have not provided the full answer but have demonstrated a level of conceptual understanding.

Support following the tests

All pupils are required to meet national expectations, which means that nobody can be left behind. Pupils highlighted by the test as not having sufficient depth of knowledge in a particular area will need help catching up before the class moves on. To assist pupils who haven’t mastered a concept, our marking scheme references which chapters of the Primary Maths Series need to be revised.

Sample papers

International research

By incorporating established learning research into a highly effective approach, Singapore has become a “laboratory of maths teaching”. The Primary Maths Series is founded on the international research of Piaget, Dienes, Bruner, Skemp and Vygotsky and has been tested and refined over the last 30 years in Singapore.

Designed in the UK

Authored by Louise Hoskyns-Staples, senior maths lecturer at the University of Worcester; a former headteacher of a primary school, where she successfully introduced a Singapore Maths curriculum; and a former test development researcher for the Department of Education. As a strategic committee member of the Expert Subject Advisory Groups, Louise worked for the Standards and Testing Agency developing the national maths SATs.