Year 6 Diagnostic Papers

This assessment allows teachers to identify any gaps in pupils’ knowledge in year 6.

It offers a pre-SATs diagnostic analysis as the questions are designed to clearly identify areas of the national curriculum that need revision. Furthermore, this assessment can also be used as evidence against the required standard in the Interim Teacher Assessment Framework at the end of Key Stage 2*, ensuring pupils are ready to progress.

Need to know

  • Identifies the gaps in pupils’ knowledge in year 6
  • Provides a pre-SATs diagnostic analysis
  • All questions have references for the Maths — No Problem! Primary Series and the English national curriculum
  • The mark scheme clearly shows which questions meet the expected standard in the Interim Teacher Assessment Framework
  • Trialled in English schools
  • Fully aligned to the English national curriculum for mathematics
  • Supports the Interim Teacher Assessment Framework For 2016-17

    The Interim Framework sets out the standard pupils will be assessed against at the end of key stage 2 for maths and supports teachers in making judgements on pupils’ progress. To show that pupils have met the standard, teachers will need to have evidence that a pupil demonstrates consistent attainment of all the statements within the standard (e.g. ‘The pupil can use formal methods to solve multi-step problems’).

    Our diagnostic analysis provides teachers with valuable assessment data, which can help to inform their judgement on whether each pupil has met the standard. It includes questions specifically designed to provide such evidence.

    Supports your school’s KS2 SATs preparations

    Pupils can also take this assessment before the SATs to provide a diagnostic gap analysis. The results will assist teachers to identify mathematical concepts that need to be revisited in order to better prepare pupils for the SATs.

    How it works

    There are two papers and an Administration and Mark Scheme

    • Paper 1 – Number, Proportion, Ratio and Algebra
    • Paper 2 – Measures, Geometry and Statistics.

    The questions have references for:

    • The Maths — No Problem! Primary Series;
    • The English national curriculum; and
    • The expected standard in the Interim Teacher Assessment Framework (where applicable).

    As a result, our gap analysis will clearly indicate areas of the curriculum that need revision. It will show teachers which pupils need the most assistance and in which areas. For those schools using the Maths — No Problem! Primary Series, it will pinpoint the chapters that should be revisited.

    Designed in the UK

    Authored by Louise Hoskyns-Staples, senior maths lecturer at the University of Worcester; a former headteacher of a primary school, where she successfully introduced a Singapore Maths curriculum; and a former test development researcher for the Department of Education.

    Louise has carefully prepared this assessment to ensure the questions cover the requirements of the Interim Teacher Assessment Framework, to enable teachers to identify gaps in pupils’ knowledge and the opportunity to close these gaps.

    “When working as a headteacher, I looked for examples of test questions to establish areas of the curriculum Year 6 children needed to revisit. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any questions that didn’t also test reasoning and problem solving… To ensure we could clearly establish the gaps in their knowledge, I wrote a collection of straightforward questions myself. The diagnostic papers are the result of a response to this need.”

    Louise Hoskyns-Staples (Author)

    Year 6 Diagnostic Papers Sample (download PDF)

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