DfE Match Funding for Textbooks

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Match funding for maths mastery

Did you know you could get funding towards Department for Education recommended textbooks?

Until 31 July, 2020, eligible schools can purchase textbooks from the Maths — No Problem! Primary Series and receive up to £2000 back from their local Maths Hub.

Now is the best time to invest in your school’s success with MNP’s teaching maths for mastery programme.


Why maths mastery?

Maths mastery is a carefully planned approach that helps children develop strong problem-solving skills in a whole-class teaching setting.

The use of well-designed and tested textbooks is critical for successful implementation of teaching maths for mastery. A good textbook is both a lesson-planning tool for teachers, and a support for learners during lessons and individual work.


Why MNP textbooks are recommended by the DfE

An expert panel reviewed submissions from several publishers. It concluded that the MNP Primary Series meets the core criteria set out by the DfE to support teaching maths for mastery:

  • Fully aligned with the 2014 English national curriculum
  • Learners progress together using a small-step teaching approach
  • Clear and uncluttered textbook design that brings learners’ attention to key concepts
  • Maths is represented formally and correctly
  • Textbooks support both formative and summative assessment — helping children and teachers measure progress

To find out more, go to the Mathshubs website.


Is my school eligible for DfE match funding?

The DfE will provide over 2500 schools with one-off match funding towards the purchase of high-quality textbooks up to £2000 if they select a textbook on the recommended list.

Did your school make the grade? Find a full list of eligible schools here.


Match funding deadlines

Eligible schools must claim match funding by no later than 31 July, 2020.

Want to find out more about match funding and the MNP Programme? Set up a free Maths — No Problem! demo with our expert education consultant or call us at 01892 537 706 to speak with someone about getting started.