Secondary Maths Series

Teach maths for mastery using the most popular secondary series in Singapore. Following the world-class Singaporean curriculum, New Syllabus Mathematics is a series of textbooks specially designed to provide valuable learning experiences to engage the hearts and minds of students.

Need To Know

  • Textbooks and workbooks for years 7 to 11
  • Researched in detail so teachers don’t have to create resources from scratch
  • Based on the Singaporean curriculum for maths
  • Approved by the Ministry of Education in Singapore
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    The Truth about High Quality Textbooks

    The Most Popular Secondary Series In Singapore

    New Syllabus Mathematics is the most popular series in Singapore and follows the Singaporean secondary school syllabus. The books are in English, they use the metric measurement system and the currency used in the books is Singaporean Dollars.

    Choice Of Series

    You have a choice of books which reflect Singapore’s two streams; Express and Normal Academic. The Normal Academic stream is a five-year programme and maps most neatly into the English system. The Express series is essentially the same programme condensed to four years and is for more advanced pupils.

    Expert Framework

    The New Syllabus Express and Normal Academic textbooks offer interesting stories about mathematicians, real-life examples and applications which arouse students’ interest and curiosity. To make learning more interactive, they use ICT to help students visualise and manipulate mathematical objects more easily.

    Both series are broken down into:

  • Investigation
  • Class Discussion
  • Thinking Time
  • Journal Writing
  • Performance Task
  • Problems in Real-world Contexts

    Maths Journal Writing

    As with our Primary Maths Series, there is ample opportunity for students to reflect on their learning and to communicate mathematically using their maths journals.

    Pupil Workbooks

    The workbooks provide students with ample practice to apply the various skills and concepts learnt for solving problems in both examination and real-life situations. They include revision notes at the start of each chapter and practice questions classified into three levels of difficulty. Finally, the workbooks include exam-style questions to help students to gain confidence and be fully equipped for their forthcoming examinations.

    Teacher’s Resource

    Each textbook is accompanied by a comprehensive teaching guide for teachers. The guide suggests a teaching approach for each chapter and suggestions for differentiated learning. In addition to step-by-step solutions for all practice and exercise questions, the Teacher’s Resource contains suggested solutions to all activities (Investigation, Class Discussion, Thinking Time, Journal Writing and Performance Task).

    Developed By Experts In Singapore

    The Maths — No Problem! Secondary Maths Series is published by Shing Lee and is approved by the Ministry of Education in Singapore..

    UK Evidence

    The series is being used in a growing number of pioneering secondary schools in England who are committed to raising their standard of maths teaching and learning.