Gayton C of E Primary School

Northamptonshire, UK

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School at a Glance

  • Very small village primary school with about 60 students
  • Based in Northamptonshire
  • Rated by Ofsted as Good in 2023
  • One of five schools in the Forest CE Federation
  • Began using Maths — No Problem! in 2015

At Gayton School, we have an unwavering dedication to providing the highest standard of education to our pupils. We have always been, and will continue to be, at the forefront of quality first teaching. It was through this commitment to excellence and sense of responsibility that our relationship with Maths — No Problem! began.

Our primary focus is to ensure every child receives the best possible opportunities for learning and growth. To achieve this, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to nurturing our staff's professional development. We firmly believe that if we have well-equipped, motivated and enthusiastic teachers, our children will flourish academically and personally. This is why our teachers and teaching assistants attend Maths — No Problem! training, which is run by highly qualified subject specialists.

We place considerable emphasis on oracy skills because we understand the vital role they play in effective communication, particularly in maths. We encourage our students to express their ideas confidently and articulately, which fosters a rich and engaging classroom environment that works well with the whole-class learning approach of Maths — No Problem! Through regular practice and mentorship, we aim to build pupils’ self-assurance and equip them with the skills necessary to excel in all aspects of maths.

With the integration of the Maths — No Problem! curriculum and external assessments, we have witnessed remarkable progress in our students' fluency, along with their reasoning and problem-solving abilities. The holistic approach to maths brought to life through the Maths — No Problem! Programme allows children to develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and enables them to apply their knowledge in real-life situations.

Our dedicated teachers rely on a variety of Maths — No Problem! resources, including textbooks, workbooks and teacher guides to tailor their instruction to meet the individual needs of each child. By doing so, they create a vibrant and inclusive learning atmosphere where every student can thrive.

Our unofficial school slogan is ‘Unlocking mathematical fluency, one conversation at a time.’

School contact details

Contact name
Michael McLoughlin — Assistant Headteacher and Maths Coordinator

Gayton C of E Primary School
Bugbrooke Road

Phone number
01604 858749