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What makes St Andrew’s an Accredited School

We were impressed by St Andrew’s commitment to ongoing professional development — the school actively participates in a Singapore maths learning community with other schools in Merseyside, and a university-led study into teaching for mastery. For this and other reasons, we were not surprised to hear that St Andrew’s maths teaching had impressed Ofsted: the school moved from “Good” to “Outstanding.”

School at a glance:

  • Smaller than average primary school of 200~ students
  • Rated by Ofsted as “Outstanding”
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“We believe that the mathematical opportunities for life that Maths — No Problem! has brought to our children are priceless”

Rosie RossMaths Lead

In their own words

Our Maths — No Problem! journey

Our journey began in October 2014 when our maths lead went to a one-day introductory training session led by Dr Yeap Ban Har, organised through the Deep Learning Teaching School Alliance (TSA). The day was inspirational, a moment of epiphany, and from that moment we were committed to pursuing a true mastery approach using Maths — No Problem!

Following the initial training with Dr Yeap Ban Har, our maths lead worked fortnightly through the rest of 2014 and into 2015 with a working party gathered by the Deep Learning TSA to engage in lesson exploration using the textbooks. During this period, the group spent time developing expertise in delivering lessons using the Math — No Problem! Singaporean mastery approach. Within St Andrew’s, our maths lead delivered training to all staff sharing the message given by Dr Yeap Ban Har and used the materials to demonstrate what it would look like in the classroom. Our headteacher and staff recognised that this was the way forward as a school, particularly because the approach was grounded so deeply in the best of educational research from authorities including Bruner, Vygotsky, Dienes and Piaget. The PISA data demonstrated clearly the enormous impact the approach has had on mathematical attainment in Singapore.

After further training we became absolutely committed to funding the introduction of Maths — No Problem! within our school. In March 2016 we had an Ofsted inspection under the new, more demanding framework. The grading for the school went from “Good” (2010) to “Outstanding” with maths being cited as a significant strength of the school and the reason for the movement to “Outstanding”.

Maths — No Problem! in our school

As of September 2016 all classes within our school have been making full use of the Maths — No Problem! programme. School leadership continues to be committed to the process of lesson exploration and continuing development through the release of our maths leader to work alongside staff in the delivery of lessons, designated staff meeting time, cluster meetings, and coaching with schools also using the approach.

We believe that the mathematical opportunities for life that Maths — No Problem! has brought to our children are priceless, and wish to be part of the pursuit to ensure that every child can enjoy such high quality maths for mastery.

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