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What makes Uryside an Accredited School

Uryside first became interested in teaching maths for mastery in 2017 when an audit of their test results revealed areas in mathematics where their pupils were consistently struggling. After researching and trialling programmes, they moved forward with the MNP approach as it included comprehensive resources and expert-led training to help their staff get started on the right foot.

Now, two years into their MNP journey, they are deep in the implementation process with teacher training and lesson management as their primary focus. Children at Uryside are enjoying mathematics more and more, and teacher confidence is on the rise.

School at a glance:

  • Expanding school of 380~ pupils with capacity for 550
  • Non-denominational primary school
  • Serves part of the Inverurie catchment area
  • Single-year and split-year classes
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In their own words

Our Maths — No Problem! journey

We developed an interest in the maths mastery teaching approach in 2017. Our national results were dropping as was pupil subject engagement. Our test results showed that our pupils were most likely to answer problem solving questions incorrectly. Questions involving fractions, decimals, and percentages were also flagged as areas of struggle.

Our research determined that the maths mastery approach was best-suited to address these issues. We initially trialled a different mastery program, but our staff found lessons and resources difficult to apply without sufficient training.

During this period, a number of our staff attended an MNP introductory presentation in our area. Staff feedback from the presentation was very positive. They came away with resources and detailed lesson plans that allowed them to design effective mathematics lessons. Following an initial trial with the MNP programme, a collective decision was made to roll it out across our whole school.

All of our staff, including support staff, attended in-depth MNP training to get up to speed on the programme. This training occurred a few months after implementing the approach, which was timely in that it helped boost staff confidence, knowledge, and skill.

Once the decision had been made, we also informed our parents about the rollout of the approach via a Maths Open Morning, seeking feedback from everyone including pupils. For the children, concepts had become clearer and their classroom engagement increased — they particularly enjoyed working together and talking about their work.

Maths — No Problem! in our school

During our first year, the biggest challenge for our staff was teaching lessons to composite, split-year classes. In particular, differentiating to our struggling learners was a difficult area to overcome.

Now in our second year, we have been addressing both the whole-class methodology and the pace of lessons. This session, we have no split-year classes which is helping to keep lessons to a 40-60 minute average. We’ve also made mastery training a priority for our local cluster schools, with whole-staff events planned across terms. This will enable staff to discuss and refine their approach while sharing their experiences and resources. Collaboration is key to implementing mastery and we’re making the most of it.

We knew it would be a challenge to switch to an entirely new method of teaching, and our staff is meeting the challenge with enthusiasm. Our primary goal now is to build on the momentum of these past two years and continue to refine our use of MNP to best meet the needs of our staff and pupils.

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