Plan and prioritise lessons

Short on time this term? Content Catch Up prioritises each Maths — No Problem! lesson according to DfE guidelines. You’ll know exactly which lessons are essential to teach, which can be adapted and which can be omitted if needed.

Content Catch Up in Teacher Guides

Are you a Hub subscriber? You can find Content Catch Up within Teacher Guides.

  • Classification labels show the lesson prioritisation at a glance.
  • A new Content Catch Up section walks you through each lesson with essential catch-up advice.
  • Content Catch Up Details explain the lesson classification criteria, describe how lessons are prioritised and give additional advice on prioritisation.

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Download a free PDF guide with all the same Content Catch Up information.

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Assess and close maths learning gaps

Reliable assessment data is more important than ever right now. Spot struggling learners quickly, pinpoint areas for improvement and plan how to move everyone forward with Insights, our online assessment tool.

How does Insights work?

Identify learning gaps with Insights in just three steps:

  1. Test your learners with the Assessment Papers.
  2. Mark the tests online in Insights — there’s no need to double-mark!
  3. Get instant achievement reports for individual learners and your class as a whole.

With in-depth knowledge of your learners’ strengths and gaps, you’ll know where to focus your time to help learners advance.

maths no problem assessment tool insights show individual achievement expectation doughnut graph

Get clear, actionable assessment data

Insights gives you a precise look into your learners’ achievement in all areas of maths, so you can quickly find and close learning gaps.

  • Easy to use: Insights makes assessment data clear and easy to understand. It’s all in one place, whether you need an overview or a detailed look into class achievement.
  • Instant analysis: Get achievement reports right after marking. Insights is more than an assessment tracker — it analyses and makes sense of the data.
  • In-depth reports: Insights shows you exactly how each learner is doing in specific areas of maths, and measures their overall depth of understanding.

Until 31 July 2021, get Insights at a special introductory price.

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maths assessment insights graphs showing cognitive domains knowing, applying and reasoning and content domains number, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, geometry, measures, statistics, fractions, decimals, percentage, ratio

Continue your professional development online

School looks a bit different these days. Whether you’re distance learning, teaching face-to-face or juggling a mix of the two, there’s online CPD to support and empower teachers.

Sign up for an online course with a maths mastery expert and maintain your professional momentum, wherever you are.

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Support parents and caregivers at home

It’s a challenging time to be a parent too — especially when navigating maths learning at home. Stay connected and support parents and caregivers through the pandemic with these helpful maths resources.

School at Home

Support parents and caregivers with over 40 free maths learning resources. These videos, blogs, and step-by-step maths activities are designed to help parents navigate maths learning and keep children engaged at home.

School at Home

Parent Guides

Are you a Teacher Guides subscriber? Don’t forget you have access to Parent Guides. It’s a parent-friendly version of the Maths — No Problem! Teacher Guides that includes the textbook content, answers and how to approach each lesson.

Invite parents and caregivers to Parent Guides in the Hub.

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