Scheme Of Work

Register for the Maths — No Problem! scheme of work

This Scheme of Work is taken from the Maths — No Problem! Primary Series, which is recommended by the DfE for schools on the Teaching for Mastery Programme and fully aligned with the 2014 English national curriculum.

The Maths — No Problem! Scheme of Work gives teachers a roadmap to help guide them in ensuring deep learning takes place in the classroom. It gives a weekly breakdown of topics and outlines the progression — from Year 1 to Year 6 — that should be followed to ensure good coverage.

It also indicates the level of depth needed to confidently teach within a mastery framework, and can help teachers and schools plan and monitor progress.

Proven Structure

Unlike many free schemes of work, the Maths — No Problem! programme is based on the Singapore method, which has been tested and refined over the past 30 years. The programme has been designed to produce a deep, secure understanding of maths in learners of every attainment level.

Key Points

  • Founded on the learning theories of Piaget, Dienes, Bruner, Skemp and Vygotsky.
  • Adapted from the New Syllabus Primary Mathematics Series and approved by the Ministry of Education in Singapore
  • Co-authored by Dr Yeap Ban Har, a world-recognised expert in Singapore maths teaching.
  • Fully aligned with the 2014 English national curriculum for maths.