Recap: The 2018 MNP Annual Conference in London

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Everything You Need to Know From The 2018 MNP Annual Conference

The 2018 MNP Annual Conference has come and gone, but the impact it made on educators certainly hasn’t. From presentation slides to expertly written notes, here’s everything you need to know about the future of assessment.

2018 Conference Presentation Slides

Need a presentation refresher? No worries — we managed to get our hands on the majority of presentation slides.

Tim Oates: The Future of Assessment in England


Dr Chris Harrison: Classroom Assessment


Helen Hackett: How Schools Use Information From Formative Assessment to Promote Learning (Panel)


Dawn Copping: Signs and Symbols — A New System for Marking


Neil Le Feuvre: Marking as an Assessment Tool (Panel)


Eleanor Painter: Marking as an Assessment Tool (Panel)


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