Developing Formative Assessment and Journaling
February 7, 2020 | Manchester, UK

Formative Assessment and Journaling course represented by a maths journal, a ruler, a pencil and a green checkmark

Gain deep insight into learners’ understanding of mathematical concepts

Based on the principles of active learning, this special-topic course explores how to develop formative assessment skills and effectively use journaling in your classroom.

Whether you’re a primary school teacher, a leader in education, or a teaching professional looking to improve your formative assessment skills, this CPD course will teach you expert-level strategies you can use in your classroom tomorrow.

Learn how to support pupils’ mathematics journey and instill the confidence they need to have lasting maths success.

Teachers, school leaders and educational professionals can now until February 5, for only £205  +vat or invite a colleague and book together for the price of £365 +vat. Consultants’ charge is £325 +vat. Seating is limited.

You’ll Learn

  • How to find out if a pupil has met their learning objectives using three elements: assessment, diagnosis, and remediation.
  • Practical methods that indicate whether children are grasping mathematical concepts.
  • How to use journaling to raise the cognitive bar and ways to challenge learners to problem solve and think critically.
  • How to use journals for formative assessment after a mathematical concept or algorithm has been taught.
  • How to develop opportunities for journaling and why different types of learning can take place during a lesson.
  • How to catch pupils’ conceptual misconceptions and resolve problems before they become too complex.

Who is the course for?

Have you completed the Teaching Maths for Mastery course? This is an excellent next step.

Experience with Maths — No Problem! or maths mastery is recommended, but not required. This course is open to teachers, principals, maths leads, consultants, and any other practitioner looking to make maths better for everyone in their school.

Adam Gifford: MNP Trainer

Adam worked as a primary school headteacher, where he oversaw the school’s involvement with the National Textbook Project using Maths — No Problem! materials. He is Maths Recovery trained, and was the first Primary Maths Specialist Leader in Education within the United Kingdom. He works closely with the NW1 Maths Hub, where he leads the Singapore Network Group and their delivery of the NCETM’s Professional Development Lead Support Programme.

Outside of his work with Maths – No Problem!, he currently works with Manchester University, numerous local authorities, and Teaching School Alliances.

Adam Gifford, MNP Trainer

Developing Formative Assessment and Journaling
Feb 7, 2020

17-19 Trafford Road
Salford Quays
Manchester, UK
M5 3AW

Teachers £205 +vat | Consultants: £325 +vat
Book together with a colleague for £365 +vat

Book before Feb 5

“The easy way it was delivered, the hands on resources and the honesty about possible problems we may face.”

Christine ChaiAssistant Head, Ursuline Catholic Primary School

How formative assessment benefits learners

Course agenda

8:45 Registration and Coffee
9:15 The Purpose and Elements of Formative Assessment
9:45 Methods and Practices: How to Know if Understanding is Achieved
10:30 Refreshments
10:45 The Role of Journaling for Assessment
11:15 How to Use a Journal for Assessment in the Lower Primary
12:30 Lunch
13:15 How to Use a Journal for Assessment in the Upper Primary
14:15 Types of Journaling and When to Journal
14:45 Refreshments
15:00 Intervention Strategies
15:45 Questions and Wrap Up
16:00 Course Ends

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