18–20 October 2023 (3 days)

CPD training course for learning the essentials of teaching maths mastery

Teach the way you wish you were taught


This course is intended for primary school teachers who are looking to improve their practice of teaching mathematics. It is designed to equip teachers with the skills, knowledge and mindset to be successful in the teaching of mathematics to mastery. Although not necessary, classroom experience in teaching mathematics to mastery is beneficial for this course. Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite for taking further advanced courses.

Course Objective

This teacher professional development course is designed to produce a deep understanding of:

  1. Key concepts in education including assessment and differentiated instruction
  2. Teacher mindsets required for effective mathematics teaching and learning
  3. Relevant learning theories and research
  4. Lesson structure and learning experiences

This course looks to equip teachers with an in-depth understanding of how to teach mathematics effectively so that pupils achieve a high level of fluency and are able to think flexibly.

Course Content

The key ideas of the four operations interspersed with practical advice

  • A deep look at the four mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) their multiple embodiments and how to teach them so that students can apply what they know to complex situations

Conceptual understanding behind common procedures

  • With a view that all students will learn common procedures in order to become both fluent and efficient we look at how they can be taught so that meaning can be derived from the algorithms

Selected aspects of fractions, geometry and measurements

  • Looking at these important aspects of elementary mathematics and how they can be taught to a high level

Teaching of word problems and bar models

  • We look at how the skills required to solve complex word problems can be taught so that pupils improve their ability to reason and apply what they know

Key competencies — visualisation, number sense, metacognition and generalisation

  • A look at the competencies that students must develop in order to be highly proficient at mathematics and how they can be developed on a daily basis in the classroom

Journal writing

  • How journaling can be used in the class to help students reflect and communicate their ideas while providing evidence of learning
To be determined

Dates: 18-20 October 2023
Time: 9:15–16:15 (BST)
Price: £850 + VAT

Adam Gifford Math Mastery Head Trainer Profile
Adam Gifford: Maths Lead Trainer

This course will be run by Adam Gifford who worked as a primary school headteacher, where he oversaw the school’s involvement with the National Textbook Project using Maths — No Problem! materials. He is Maths Recovery trained, and was the first Primary Maths Specialist Leader in Education within the United Kingdom. He works closely with the NW1 Maths Hub, where he has held strategic leadership positions and continues his involvement with various work groups.

Adam has worked with Manchester University, numerous local authorities, and Teaching School Alliances.