6 July 2023

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Teaching and Learning Whole Numbers


This course is intended for teachers who want to learn the essentials of teaching whole numbers to primary school pupils.

Course Objective

This teacher professional development course is designed to nurture:

  1. A deep understanding of teaching and learning of whole numbers
  2. A shift in teacher mindset about teaching and learning whole numbers
  3. A practical understanding of lesson structure and learning experiences for teaching whole numbers
  4. An expert level of understanding of the topic of whole numbers

Educators will leave the course with an enhanced understanding of how to teach whole numbers for primary pupils. Working through real school lessons where they play the part of the students, teachers will come to a deeper understanding of the learning process.

This course looks to equip teachers with the necessary content and pedagogical knowledge to teach whole numbers so that pupils gain a conceptual understanding, become fluent in working with whole numbers and can apply what they know in a multitude of familiar and unfamiliar situations.

Course Content

Core ideas in whole numbers

  • Using whole numbers in different contexts including, nominal, ordinal, cardinal and in measures. Teaching and learning number bonds and place value

Addition and subtraction of whole numbers

  • Teaching and learning small-number addition and subtraction strategies and how to progress to large-number addition and subtractions strategies
  • The use of concrete and pictorial representations towards mastering formal algorithms
  • Developing pupils’ self-assurance in applying appropriate strategies in familiar and unfamiliar addition and subtraction situations
  • Combined operations

Multiplying whole numbers

  • Navigating situations where multiplication is used including equal groups, arrays, constant rate, area and combinations
  • Multiplication facts and beyond
  • Multiplying multi-digit numbers
  • Order of operations, factors and multiples

Dividing whole numbers

  • Sharing and grouping
  • Division and multiplication
  • Division with remainders
  • Division of larger numbers
  • Order of operations

Problems solving involving whole number concepts

  • Teaching through problem solving
Novotel Manchester Centre
21 Dickinson Street
Manchester M1 4LX
Date: 6 July 2023
Time: 09:15–16:00 (BST)
Price: £205 + VAT
Adam Gifford Headshot
Adam Gifford: Maths Lead Trainer

This course will be run by Adam Gifford who worked as a primary school headteacher, where he oversaw the school’s involvement with the National Textbook Project using Maths — No Problem! materials. He is Maths Recovery trained, and was the first Primary Maths Specialist Leader in Education within the United Kingdom. He works closely with the NW1 Maths Hub, where he has held strategic leadership positions and continues his involvement with various work groups.

Adam has worked with Manchester University, numerous local authorities, and Teaching School Alliances.

Proud winners of:

The IPG Independent Publishing Awards, 2017–2018
The British Book Awards, 2018

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