Singapore Maths Training Courses in New Zealand

Gain the Singapore maths advantage in your school with upcoming courses

Maths mastery? The Singapore method? Whatever you choose to call it, the proven method of teaching maths for mastery is coming to New Zealand! MNP professional development courses for teachers and practitioners are coming up soon from Auckland to Christchurch.

MNP Fundamentals Course

Get started with the essentials of maths mastery

Let’s get started! This course introduces the core concepts of the Singapore method of teaching maths for mastery. This is a great first step for anyone interested in implementing or teaching the mastery approach.
Sep 16, 2019 | Christchurch, NZ
Sep 17, 2019 | Auckland, NZ
Sep 18, 2019 | Hamilton, NZ
Sep 19, 2019 | Wellington, NZ

Teaching Maths for Mastery 1-day course

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