Maths Mastery Leadership Conference, Dubai 2019

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Leading the change in mathematics teaching

The MNP Maths Mastery Leadership Conference is an opportunity to learn about the theories and strategies that are changing the face of mathematics teaching around the world.

Hear from expert practitioners and global leaders in maths education about teaching maths mastery — and how this proven approach is helping schools around the world improve educational attainment and maths standards for all pupils.

This maths conference featured

Success stories

Case studies from international schools that have already made the switch to maths mastery.

Keynote presentations

Mastery techniques for effective classroom practice and change management in education.

Panel discussions

Global leaders, expert trainers and local practitioners discussing current trends in maths education.

Maths Mastery Leadership Conference
35 March, 2019 | Dubai
9:00 – 16:00

3 Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, UAE

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