DK & Maths — No Problem! join together to create a learning revolution

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DK & Maths — No Problem! join together to create a learning revolution

DK & Maths — No Problem! join together to create a learning revolution

Today, DK has announced a new partnership with the award-winning provider of maths resources, Maths — No Problem! to create a unique range of workbooks for children aged 4 to 11 years, with the aim of ensuring every child has the support to master an understanding of maths. The Master Maths at Home workbooks are brought to you by the same educational experts who developed Maths — No Problem! the programme recommended by the Department for Education and fully aligned with the UK National Curriculum.

Mark Searle, DK’s Publishing Director, Licensing, says: “Homeschooling has shown us that maths is taught in such a different way now, and it can often be bewildering to parents and caregivers. This exciting new range of workbooks demystifies maths mastery, with a friendly, accessible and vibrant approach from the market-leading maths mastery programme. It’s a joy to be bringing these unique books to market to help children develop their skills and grow confidence in such an important subject.”

Andy Psarianos, CEO, Maths — No Problem! says: Maths — No Problem! has been at the forefront of mathematics teaching ever since we introduced our mastery programme to UK schools seven years ago. We’re delighted to partner with DK to produce workbooks for the home-learning market and we’re confident they will help parents succeed in guiding their children to a deep, secure and long-lasting understanding of maths concepts. The landscape for teaching mathematics has changed dramatically in recent years. We now have a range of proven tools that can help children understand and even love maths. Our new partnership will open the door to successful maths learning for millions of children and their families. And with expertly curated workbooks and support videos, I believe this revolutionary series will make a significant contribution to global maths education.”

The consequences of poor numeracy and low maths attainment are far-reaching and long-lasting. They can limit educational and career opportunities, and are linked to higher rates of unemployment and lower socioeconomic status. Maths — No Problem! has already been used by thousands of teachers, schools and local authorities across the UK.

Hilary Fine, DK’s Education Development Director, says: “Thousands of teachers and students have already benefited from adopting the mastery approach to mathematics. Now parents have the opportunity to support this approach at home by using the Maths — No Problem! workbooks to build mathematical fluency and confidence. The Maths — No Problem! workbooks will provide parents with opportunities to discuss real-life maths problems and work together to engender a positive attitude towards mathematics.”

Children are taught multiple methods to solve problems, enabling them to gain a thorough and adaptable understanding of concepts, so it is easier to apply their knowledge to different scenarios. Each topic is studied in depth to develop a secure understanding. Vibrant illustrations and loveable characters help learners engage throughout the series and accompanying videos will give parents background instructions and useful teaching tips.

The Master Maths at Home workbooks are launching in January 2022 in the UK and in the second half of 2022 in the US, with six workbooks at each level from 1- 6 covering all the essential skills for children in the first stages of their maths journey, including: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, algebra, fractions, decimals, and lots more.

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Maths — No Problem! is an award-winning primary mathematics education programme that combines proven learning theories with advanced mastery teaching techniques. Our suite of products — including textbooks, workbooks, a revolutionary online assessment tool, world-class teacher training, and much more — is based on the Singapore method, which combines 30 years of international research with painstaking craftsmanship and constant refinement. We believe everyone can learn maths given proper guidance and regardless of prior attainment. We aim to improve maths education worldwide by equipping teachers with the highest-quality resources and unparalleled professional development. Maths — No Problem! is the Department for Education’s recommended resource for schools on the government’s Mastery Programme. Our textbooks meet the stringent quality guidelines developed by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.

The Maths — No Problem! programme will give pupils a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of mathematics. No problem.