Maths — No Problem! introduces Foundations

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Maths — No Problem! introduces Foundations

Maths — No Problem! introduces Foundations: the new mastery solution for Reception

Maths — No Problem! introduces Foundations, a revolutionary new product that helps children in the Early Years begin to develop a deep and long-lasting understanding of the world of mathematics.

Foundations is an entirely new Reception programme from Maths — No Problem! that meets all of the requirements of the revised EYFS Framework 2021. This proven, research-based solution encourages learning through play in an Early Years setting.

Foundations includes Workbook Journals, Picture Books, and online Teacher Guides with printable resource sheets, brought to you by the creators of the UK’s most successful maths mastery programme. Foundations provides a clear structure for practitioners to develop key mathematical ideas during direct instruction, small group activities and continuous provision.

Andy Psarianos, CEO, Maths — No Problem! says, “When it comes to maths education, the UK has lagged behind other countries for years. Now with the pandemic, our children are falling even further behind. And the situation is worse for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our products can help. They’re based on decades of proven science and meticulously crafted to engage children, helping them to develop a positive attitude toward maths, which is essential for improving long-term outcomes.

Learning gap

Research shows that children who are eligible for free school meals are 4.6 months on average behind other children by the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage, and that this gap will double by the end of Primary, and double again by the end of Secondary.

But there’s hope. The Educational Endowment Foundation, citing extensive evidence, says implementing an early numeracy programme is one high-impact, very low cost way to close the gap, and that on average, early numeracy approaches have a positive impact on learning equivalent to approximately six additional months’ progress for early mathematics outcomes.

Maths — No Problem! Foundations is produced by the same award-winning team that brought you the Maths — No Problem! Primary Series, which is recommended by the DfE for schools on the Mastery Programme and judged as meeting rigorous quality guidance published by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.

Through its carefully designed structure and supportive Teacher Guides, and with its emphasis on embedding learning through play, Foundations equips practitioners to recognise milestones in their pupils’ development and to identify opportunities for learning and assessment.

“If the UK is serious about improving outcomes for its young people, the Early Years is the perfect place to start, and Maths — No Problem! Foundations is the perfect product,” says Mr. Psarianos.

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Maths — No Problem! is an award-winning mathematics education programme that combines proven learning theories with advanced mastery techniques. Our suite of products — including textbooks, workbooks, a revolutionary online assessment tool and world-class teacher training — is based on the Singapore method, which synthesises 30 years of international research with painstaking craftsmanship.

Maths — No Problem! aims to improve maths education worldwide by equipping teachers with the highest-quality resources and unparalleled professional development. We believe everyone can learn and even love maths given proper guidance and regardless of prior attainment.