Maths — No Problem! Launches New-Term Toolkit to Support Primary School Teachers

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Maths — No Problem! Launches New-Term Toolkit to Support Primary School Teachers

London, UK, 27 August, 2020: In response to the increasing concerns around returning to primary schools this September, education publisher Maths — No Problem! is offering their customers free maths teaching resources to the value of over £2m.

This ‘new-term toolkit’ includes the critical information teachers will need to make decisions in their classrooms and get their learners back on track.

“We’re committed to giving primary teachers the tools to plan a smooth return to the classroom and fill in any knowledge gaps that have been missed during lockdown.”

Andy PsarianosCEO, Maths — No Problem!

What follows is a carefully considered approach that balances the responsibilities of the new term with the reality that many pupils will need to catch up on mathematical content and get back on track after lockdown.

Content Catch Up: New-Term Guidance

To help teachers who use their resources, Maths — No Problem! reviewed every lesson in every year group, and created step-by-step guidance to support teachers as they attempt to catch students up on curriculum content they may have missed.

Each lesson is classified in order of importance so that teachers can prioritise lessons at a glance — saving them precious time and guiding them through the new term. Along with classification criteria, lesson guides include detailed advice on how teachers can best spend their time. It also highlights which lessons can be combined with other lessons, which lessons are a DfE statutory requirement and lessons that can be skipped if there isn’t enough time.

Insights: A New Assessment Tool

Insights is an innovative online reporting tool that helps teachers identify where pupils are in their learning, see their strengths and close any gaps left during lockdown. Through data visualisations and meaningful reports, primary teachers can navigate the new school year with confidence.

For a limited time, schools with a Maths — No Problem! online subscription can get free Assessment Papers and unlimited access to Insights from September until January, 2021 (at a value of over £2m). It’s their way of saying thank you to all the hardworking teachers across the country.

Managing the Return to School With Online CPD

Returning to school will require careful preparation. Maths — No Problem! has designed a brand new online CPD course specifically tailored to ease anxiety and equip teachers with the tools and practical strategies they will need.

Managing the Return to School was designed in partnership with expert education consultant Judy Hornigold. It covers important topics including back-to-school requirements, lesson prioritisation and how to handle new-term obstacles when teaching with Maths — No Problem! resources.

The course will be held via Zoom, and aims to help teachers learn how to recognise and manage maths anxiety in their classroom as well as how to make cross-curricular links to Physical Education, English, and Personal, Social, Health and Economic classes.

About Maths — No Problem!: Maths — No Problem! believe every child can master an understanding and love of maths with the right kind of teaching and support. They provide professional development, expert-led resources and ongoing support to primary teachers around the world.