Maths — No Problem! launches Visualiser, a specialist app for teaching maths for mastery

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Maths — No Problem! launches Visualiser, a specialist app for teaching maths for mastery

England — 8 June, 2020 — Maths — No Problem! has launched the all-new Visualiser app: an all-in-one digital toolkit that enables teachers to create their own visually engaging lessons, save valuable lesson-planning time and demonstrate complex maths concepts to pupils in a clear and concrete way. Visualiser aligns with the Maths — No Problem! teaching programme, but will support any maths mastery approach.

Educators often struggle to find useful resources, spending tremendous amounts of time creating their own while using frustratingly inadequate tools. Visualiser was designed to make teachers’ lives easier with a single tool that empowers them to design effective materials, save time on lesson prep and teach lessons that are personalised to their practice and learners’ needs.

Visualiser is the first app of its kind to include its own digital ecosystem. Teachers can create, save and print lessons right from within the app. Teachers can also share files and collaborate on lessons with other colleagues who use the app. As educators adjust to distance learning in the wake of Covid-19, Maths — No Problem! is stepping up to help teachers connect with learners virtually, as Visualiser can be used to screencast lessons using popular video conferencing software.

Features of Visualiser include:

  • Specialist tools and templates
    Create personalised lessons with popular maths mastery activities like bar modelling, number bonds and base 10 blocks. Visualiser comes with pre-set templates that save teachers time when developing resources.
  • Interactive maths games
    Engage learners and assess their understanding with fun, interactive Anchor Tasks. Learners can apply their understanding of maths in a variety of settings, while teachers have full control over the operation, difficulty and outcome of each game.
  • All-in-one capabilities
    Create, save and share lessons within the app. All your files exist in one place, can be edited at any time, and can be presented or printed straight from the app. There’s no need for any external software or workarounds.
  • Distance learning support
    Teach remote lessons to your pupils when you screencast your device. Visualiser supports popular video conferencing software and wireless streaming through Apple TV, so you can teach seamless virtual lessons from home.
  • Ease of implementation
    Present your lessons with Visualiser using your current classroom set-up. Visualiser is optimised to work with projectors, in-classroom digital displays and interactive whiteboards.
  • Engaging graphics
    Add stickers of helpful objects, items, and familiar Maths — No Problem! characters to your lessons, to help learners connect with maths, maintain consistency and make concepts more accessible to all levels of understanding.

Visualiser is available for free download in the Apple App Store and is compatible with iPadOS 13.2.

About Maths — No Problem!: Maths — No Problem! is a network of teaching resources backed by decades of research and refinement. Maths No Problem! provides CPD training, teaching tools and ongoing support to teachers all around the world. It’s everything you need to make maths education better for everyone.

About maths mastery: Endorsed by the Department for Education, NCETM and Ofsted, maths mastery is an evidence-based, transformational approach to maths teaching that stems from high-performing Asian nations such as Singapore. It helps pupils develop a deep, long-term and adaptable understanding of maths through an inclusive approach where all children achieve. With well-developed and deeper mathematical fluency, children gain the ability to confidently tackle non-routine maths problems.

Learn more about Visualiser the maths mastery teaching app.