Maths — No Problem! welcomes top maths mastery experts for conference in London

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Maths — No Problem! welcomes top maths mastery experts for conference in London

Key figures will tackle mathematics teaching and learning post pandemic and explore how teachers and schools can best support and equip primary school children in 2023

LONDON, 18 October 2022: Maths — No Problem! the leading creator of maths mastery tools and resources for primary schools is pleased to announce it will be welcoming some of the world’s leading experts in maths mastery for a one-day conference in London.

The event will be held on 24 November, 2022 at Great Cumberland Meeting Spaces at the Hard Rock Hotel London and aims to expose delegates to the latest maths mastery research and thinking around primary maths education. A key objective will be to share how best to deliver these ‘post-pandemic lessons’ to primary school pupils and tackle the impact that the Pandemic had on a significant number of pupils, who fell behind in their learning. Disruptions to education severely affected pupils’ confidence levels in maths and impacted the benefits of classroom collaboration.

The conference will offer delegates the opportunity to discuss and identify ways to continue building confidence in the classroom and ensure all learners can be brought up to the required level.

Andy Psarianos, founder and CEO of Maths — No Problem! says: “We are so excited to be able to welcome schools and teachers to our conference, after a two-year break during the pandemic. The event aims to support and enhance delegates’ understanding and implementation of maths mastery as well as giving attendees the chance to share common challenges that they face in primary maths teaching and learning. We have an agenda that will deeply address key topics, with world renowned speakers sharing their expertise with delegates. I am looking forward to reconnecting with many customers and new schools on the day.

Dr. Yeap Ban Har, world renowned maths mastery expert and director of curriculum and professional development at Pathlight School in Singapore, commented: “There’s never been a better time to talk about how to master mathematics. Many children fell behind because of the pandemic, but they have a chance to catch up. That’s why these techniques are so important. They help children develop problem solving skills and become more confident mathematicians. Helping children master maths is the best investment we can make in the future.

Event highlights

Key themes that will be addressed during this year’s event include:

  • How can we continue to advance all learners?
  • What tools and techniques proved themselves during the lockdowns?
  • Can we make up for lost learning?
  • How do we continue to build pupils’ confidence in mathematics?

Complimentary delegate passes for media are available at

For more details about the conference, including venue location and a complete list of speakers and events, please visit our Maths Mastery in the Post-Pandemic World page.

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