New Zealand Pilot Resources

You’ve joined a select group of practitioners dedicated to pedagogical change. Every schools’ maths mastery journey looks a bit different, so we’ve created this support page to get insight into how your school is doing, what issues you may be having, and how we can help.

Pulse Check Survey

How is it all going? Share your thoughts and feelings about the MNP approach as you work through it. We’ll ask you to fill out this form periodically.
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Quick Feedback Survey

This is your place to share lesson feedback. Something a bit off in your textbook? Notice a grammar error? Upload a photo and let us know — we’re on it.
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More resources

Here’s where you’ll find tips, techniques, and how-tos to help you make the most of MNP. We’ll continue to update our resource page based on your feedback.

Getting Started
Ready to teach maths for mastery? Have a look at these resources before you dive in.

Model Lessons
See real teachers use problem-solving techniques, hands-on materials, and group work to engage all learners.

Whole-class teaching
Help differentiate MNP content and support struggling and advanced learners as they progress together.

Concrete resources
Teach with concrete resources and help learners gain a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

Learn why journaling leads to flexible thinking and encourages the use of precise mathematical vocabulary.

Teaching topics
Find maths mastery teaching tips and strategies for a range of common mathematical topics.

Support for parents
Help parents understand maths mastery and give them resources to support their children at home.

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