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A teaching approach you can count on

You strive for excellence in your practice. But when no one can decide what best practice looks like, and half of your students think they ‘can’t do maths’ — it’s not easy.

What if you had access to teaching methods proven to develop learners’ problem-solving and critical-thinking skills? Or strategies to enrich advanced learners and support struggling learners? What if you could see your students’ faces light up as they start to believe in their own mathematical capabilities?

Based on methods developed in Singapore and the pedagogy of influential educational theorists, Maths — No Problem! is a teaching framework proven to help students gain a mastery level understanding of maths.

It has already transformed primary maths teaching in schools around the world.

Will your school be next?

Resources designed for the NZ learner

Keep your students on the right track with resources designed for the New Zealand Curriculum and maths problems based on real-world situations. Lessons are directly linked to NZ National Curriculum objectives, acknowledge Aotearoa NZ’s bicultural foundations, and cover all number and non-number topics.

Consistency from start to finish

Give your learners the right learning experience at the right time. Using a tried-and-tested spiral methodology, topics build on one another to help learners develop mathematical fluency. Content is covered in an age-appropriate order and revisited to close conceptual gaps and enrich every learner’s experience.

Assessment in every lesson

Get a clear view of progress. During lessons, non-negotiable learning objectives give you the information you need to support struggling learners and stretch advanced ones. Varied activities encourage students to challenge their thinking through collaborative discussion while independent exercises help learners build on their existing knowledge.

Flexible teacher support

Teach maths for mastery with confidence. From daily lesson structure to extension activities and common misconceptions, online Teacher Guides support you in every lesson. Not sure when to introduce concrete manipulatives or where to differentiate content? The answers you need are all in one place.

Meet the characters

Illustrated characters act as learning companions, guiding students through content and providing familiarity as problems become more complex. Characters from New Zealand, as well as local flora and fauna help learners understand maths’ place in the world around them.

Meilani, in a purple dress with her long black hair pulled back with a yellow hair hoop, is holding a yellow ruler


Holly, in a green dress and her red hair in a ponytail with a yellow ribbon, has two butterflies floating above an opened hand


Tama, in a red t-shirt and short black hair, is holding a blue card with the number 6


What to expect when adopting a mastery approach

Here’s an inside look at some of the ways mastery has shifted attitudes towards primary maths in this teacher’s classroom.

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How Maths — No Problem! works

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Tools to take students further

Close conceptual gaps with evidence-based resources proven to foster a deep understanding of maths in children of all attainment levels.

Maths strategies illustrated by a series of colourful bar models

Strategies for success

Develop your learners’ metacognition with strategies like the CPA approach, bar modelling, number bonds, and effective questioning.

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Support when you need it

Take the uncertainty out of teaching maths for mastery with hands-on PLD courses and workshops, online teacher guides, and online training videos.

[Students] are having fun with maths. They can talk about what they’re doing, [show] deeper understanding… and clearly explain their thinking… This is working for all kids.

– Marie Nelson, Maths Lead, St Paul's Primary School Auckland, New Zealand

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