Parent video instructions

How to install the parent videos on a partner website

There are two possible options to enable you to include the parent videos on your website. Which one you choose depends largely on two factors: how you would like the videos to be shown on your website and the level of expertise you have embedding information onto your website.

Option 1 — Link to an existing page

The simplest option.

In this example you will add a simple link to your website that will re-direct a visitor to another page hosted on the Maths – No Problem website. This is by far the easiest option, but it means that users will be viewing the videos on a different website. In order to use this option simply add the following line of code where you would like the link to appear in your sentence. This will insert the words Parent Videos as a link.

An example of this might something like this. We now have Parent Videos available for you to view.

In this example the the words Parent Videos were replaced with the above code.

Option 2 — Link to each video individually

The most flexible option.

This option give you the most flexibility for embedding the videos as individual elements and is meant only for experienced web developers. Each video can be embedded wherever you like on your website as an iframe. The height and width of the videos is fully customisable. In order for this option to work you must send us the fully qualified domain name of the website on which you intend to post the videos so that we can unlock them to be used in this fashion. If you do not do this, the videos will be locked and no one will be able to view them.

Fundamental Idea

Number Bonds


Mental Calculations


Long Division

Bar model 1

Bar Model 2

Each iframe above is set to a width of 1030px. The width and height dimensions can be adjusted to suit you needs. The videos are all at a height-width ratio of 16:9 (56.25%) so dimensions should reflect this. If you are unsure of how to calculate height-width dimensions you can use this simple tool. It is possible to set the dimensions of the videos to be responsive to the browser window size to aid the viewing on devices of varying resolutions, but this is outside of the scope of this document and we will not be able to offer support on such issues as there are too many browser and website dependencies. We recommend that this option only be used by experienced web developers.