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Level 3
Level 3 Course

Geometry and Spatial Reasoning


Level 3

1 day


6 credits


This course is designed for primary school teachers who aspire to excel in teaching geometry to pupils from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to Year 6. Intended for classroom educators and mathematics leads, the programme builds upon the foundational knowledge acquired in the Essentials of Teaching Maths Mastery course, with prior completion highly recommended.

Course Objectives

This professional development course focuses on teaching and learning in geometry and spatial reasoning:

  1. Mastering Fundamental Geometry and Spatial Reasoning: Provide teachers with effective strategies for introducing young learners to the basic concepts of shapes and spatial awareness, laying the groundwork for developing advanced geometric thinking and spatial reasoning skills.
  2. Understanding and Applying Geometric Properties: Enhance teachers' knowledge of the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, including how to measure and compare these shapes, enabling teachers to convey these concepts effectively for real-world problem-solving applications.
  3. Enhancing Spatial Reasoning and Problem Solving: Improve instructional methods for teaching transformations, symmetry, and geometric reasoning, aiming to foster students' abilities in visualisation, manipulation of shapes, and advanced spatial reasoning for complex geometric understanding.
  4. Understanding Technology and Differentiated Instruction: Introduce innovative digital tools and personalised teaching strategies to make geometry more accessible and engaging for all pupils, highlighting the importance of interactive learning and the adaptation of lessons to meet diverse learning needs.

Meeting these objectives will allow educators to support their students’ learning of geometry, fostering a deep understanding and curiosity of the subject.

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