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Level 3
Level 3 Course

Bar Modelling, Problem Solving and Heuristics


Level 3

1 day


6 credits


This course equips teachers and maths leads with strategies and skills to incorporate heuristics, with a particular focus on bar modelling, into their classroom practice. It aims to support students' problem-solving abilities by breaking down complex problems into manageable parts and applying strategic thinking. Participants will actively engage with heuristics applicable across all of primary school phases.

Course Objectives

This teacher professional development course will provide:

  1. A definition and an understanding of the importance of heuristics in problem-solving.
  2. An overview of common heuristics used in maths: guess and check, make a list, draw a diagram, simplification, work backwards, and use logical reasoning.
  3. An overview of bar models and their importance in mathematical problem-solving.
  4. A process to incorporate heuristic strategies into lesson plans.
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