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Level 2
Level 2 Course

The Essentials of Teaching Maths Mastery


Level 2

3 days


If you’re a primary school teacher looking to develop your mathematics teaching practice, this three-day course is for you. The Essentials of Teaching Maths Mastery is designed to give you the skills, knowledge and mindset necessary to succeed in the mastery approach. You’ll learn first-hand how to engage pupils and build their confidence. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a printable certificate of completion for their records.

Course Objectives

This teacher professional development course is designed to produce a deep understanding of:

  1. Key concepts in education including assessment and differentiated instruction
  2. Teacher mindsets required for effective mathematics teaching and learning
  3. Relevant learning theories and research
  4. Lesson structure and learning experiences

This course looks to equip teachers with an in-depth understanding of how to teach mathematics effectively so that pupils achieve a high level of fluency and are able to think flexibly.

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