Maths — No Problem! Foundations

Foundations is a revolutionary new Reception programme from Maths — No Problem! that meets all of the requirements of the revised EYFS Framework 2021 and helps children in the Early Years begin to develop a deep and long-lasting understanding of the world of mathematics. This proven, research-based solution encourages learning through play and helps children in the Early Years begin to develop a deep understanding of the world of mathematics.

Foundations includes Workbook Journals, Picture Books, and online Teacher Guides with printable resource sheets, brought to you by the creators of the UK’s most successful maths mastery programme.

Have no fear! At Maths — No Problem! we go the extra mile to ensure our products incorporate the very latest research on how children learn.

Foundations at a glance

Meets all requirements of the Department for Education’s revised Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) 2021 as well as all non-statutory guidance for EYFS issued since the 2014 curriculum

System of structured learning that plays to the strengths of practitioners who are already confident in their ability to teach maths, and provides all guideposts necessary to help less-experienced practitioners become more assured

Beautifully illustrated and carefully designed to incorporate emerging research on how children learn

Developed with a deep maths-mastery focus with genuine attention to learning core principles through embedded play

an illustration of a teacher

“We believe that the mathematical opportunities for life that Maths — No Problem! has brought to our children are priceless.”

–Rosie Ross, Maths Lead at St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School

Foundations components

Shape cutouts and online interface for early years reception teachers guides

Online Teacher Guides

  • Twelve weeks’ worth of flexible yet structured lesson plans per term, 180 in total
  • Comprehensive guidance for each week, including the area of learning, the learning strand, and the objective
  • A description of what resources will be needed in the classroom
  • Resource sheets to download and print out
  • A description of the mathematical vocabulary pupils will encounter
three early years foundations maths workbook journals

Workbook Journals

  • Three Workbook Journals to cover all three terms
  • Two activities per week
  • A focus on images rather than text to minimise cognitive load on early learners
  • Concise instructions for teachers
  • A deep mastery focus to ensure activities give pupils the most direct access to core maths principles
early years maths — no problem! foundations picture book for primary reception children

Picture Books

  • Combine the magic of stories by author James Allan Hermanson with design directed by renowned Singapore maths expert Dr. Yeap Ban Har
  • Two sets of teacher guidance for each book
  • Each story is deeply rooted in the core principles of maths mastery
  • Take a sneak peek at the four early years picture books; The Magic Oven, Playmates, Rosy Red , and This ‘n That.

Additional features

Week-by-week approach for easy planning

To support immersion into maths, suggested activities use equipment and real-world items found in and around the Reception classroom

Maths Language feature to support mathematical vocabulary and language development

two early years maths pupils with a bag of toys representing structured learning with embedded play

Structured learning, embedded play

At Maths — No Problem! we believe structure and play are both vital to how children learn. The Foundations programme of guided learning delivers an enriched experience that is truly the start of a long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of maths.

Unlike some of our competitors, Maths — No Problem! doesn’t shy away from embedding learning through play. In Foundations, what look like simple games are actually meticulously designed activities with a deep mastery focus.

The revised EYFS highlights the importance of helping children develop “positive attitudes and interest in mathematics.” This is exactly what Foundations does so well.

two early years maths pupils with concrete manipulative number blocks learning early numeracy

Early numeracy

Research shows that children who are eligible for free school meals are 4.6 months on average behind other children by the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage, and that this gap will double by the end of Primary, and double again by the end of Secondary.

But there’s hope. The Educational Endowment Foundation says implementing an early numeracy programme is one high-impact, very low cost way to close the gap, and that on average, early numeracy approaches have a positive impact on learning equivalent to approximately six additional months’ progress for early mathematics outcomes.

True mastery approach

Maths — No Problem! Foundations is designed with all the theory and rigor that underpins a true mastery approach. It also meets all the requirements of the national curriculum’s Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Foundations resource sheets have been carefully designed to encourage games that are the starting point for learning the core principles of maths mastery.

Maths — No Problem! products are based on the Singapore method, which combines 30 years of international research with painstaking craftsmanship and constant refinement.

Award-winning team

Maths — No Problem! Foundations is produced by the same award-winning team that brought you the Maths — No Problem! Primary Series, which was recommended by the DfE for schools on the Mastery Programme and judged as meeting rigorous quality guidance from the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.

Developed by experts

Maths — No Problem! Foundations is developed by experts including lead author Judy Hornigold. Dr Yeap Ban Har, a renowned authority in Singapore maths, directed the design of the Picture Books and James Allan Hermanson authored the stories.
Maths — No Problem! textbooks and workbooks are designed using decades of research to ensure a deep, secure understanding of maths in learners of every attainment level.

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