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Maths wall in Maths — No Problem! Accredited Primary School

From all social and economic backgrounds

two multi-cultural primary school mathematics students using a Maths — No Problem! textbook

The Maths — No Problem! Accredited Schools Initiative recognises leading schools who have successfully embedded the programme within their setting.

Although each school is different in terms of their context, these schools have used the programme to enable a long-lasting transformation in teaching and learning, not only impacting pupils but also their teaching staff, and not only in their maths lessons, but across the curriculum in the effectiveness of their pedagogical approach.

Accredited Schools use the programme to improve the way maths is taught, learned and conceptualised in their classrooms, and join the initiative in order to extend their impact through community building and outreach.

Accredited Schools nurture a desire to ensure every child has the chance to succeed at maths and become a confident mathematician capable of applying their knowledge in real-world situations and unfamiliar contexts.. They do not accept that some children, and teachers, ‘just don’t get maths.’

They are eager to engage with schools who are on the maths mastery journey, to support, engage and share best practices and tips. They look for ways to keep the momentum going towards better maths outcomes for children in the UK and worldwide.

Accredited Schools are community leaders, nurturing relationships with other accredited schools and helping to shape the programme.

primary accredited school maths teacher helping a young boy

Some of the activities in which Accredited Schools participate are:

  • Open Days: An Accredited School welcomes visitors to demonstrate a ‘Day in the Life’ of a Maths — No Problem! Classroom. These are free or run-at-cost events school staff can sign up for through our Training Calendar
  • Buddy Schools: An Accredited School teams up with another school that may be similar in a particular way to provide support and guidance, or another school that may not be as far along in their journey with the Maths — No Problem! Programme
  • Teacher Certification: Teachers who take any of our training courses receive credits toward becoming a Licenced Master Teacher, a designation that allows them to deliver the Maths — No Problem! training to other teachers anywhere in the world
  • Product Development: Subject leaders and teachers may be asked to contribute to a new edition by reviewing a chapter or lesson or to provide insight that could guide the development of new material or products
  • Telling their story: School leaders, subject leaders and teachers may share personal experiences about their Maths — No Problem! journey

We know that you will want to read stories from our Accredited Schools. Each story tells the school’s individual journey and includes contact information so you can reach out with any questions you might have. Read about UK Accredited Schools or International Accredited Schools.

If you are interested in attending an Open Day to see a model lesson first-hand and learn how schools implement the Maths — No Problem! Programme? Check our Events Calendar for upcoming dates and locations.

Interested in joining our Accredited Schools Programme or simply want to learn more about it? Please contact Robin Potter at Places are limited but we are always interested in hearing from schools who are making a difference in their community.