Maths — No Problem! Accredited Schools Programme

See maths mastery in action with the Maths — No Problem! Accredited Schools Programme.

Wondering what maths mastery looks like in schools like yours? The Maths — No Problem! Accredited Schools Programme connects you to stand-out schools experienced in the Maths — No Problem! approach to maths mastery. It gives you a chance to see mastery in action and learn how schools like yours make it happen — year after year.

Ready to get started?

How to connect with Accredited Schools:

  • Read their stories: browse the Maths — No Problem! roster of Accredited Schools and read about their journeys to maths mastery in their own words. Each story includes the school’s contact information so you can reach out with any questions you might have.
  • Open Days: sign up for an Open Day and visit an Accredited School to see a model lesson and learn first-hand how they implement the Maths — No Problem! approach at the class- and school-wide levels.