Licensed Maths — No Problem! Trainer Ben Tudor teaching primary maths to students

Licensed Trainer Programme

Exceptional professional development underpins the successful implementation of our programme. We know that access to this training strengthens the impact on teaching and learning within schools and trusts.

Although feedback on our training is positive, schools have told us that it can be difficult to ensure that all their staff have access to the training they need, when they need it. For example, if our courses are not available close by, or the course running locally does not cover the content staff need at that moment.

To address the challenge of access to our training, we have introduced our Licensed Trainer programme.

The Licensed Trainer programme provides primary maths mastery training across the UK and around the world. These trainers are independent of Maths — No Problem! but work closely with us as trusted partners. For the consistency and rigour you expect, they use our training resources and structure their training in exactly the same way. They draw upon their extensive experience delivering mastery training to teaching staff.

By choosing a licensed trainer, you can be reassured that you receive the same level of quality and consistency as you get from taking part in training from us directly. In fact, our Licensed Trainers are some of the most important educators working with schools today. Contact them now to discuss your requirements and take your mastery teaching to the next level.

Our licensed trainers

Primary maths licensed trainer Dr Andy Ash profile

Dr Andy Ash

Primary maths Licensed Trainer Claire Craddock profile

Claire Craddock

Primary maths Licensed Trainer Helen Hackett profile

Helen Hackett

Primary maths Licensed Trainer Dr Jeremy Hannay profile

Dr Jeremy Hannay

Primary maths Licensed Trainer Louise Hoskyns-Staples profile

Louise Hoskyns-Staples

Primary maths Licensed Trainer Alex Laurie profile

Alex Laurie

Primary maths Licensed Trainer David O'Connell profile

David O'Connell

Primary maths Licensed Trainer Ben Tudor profile

Ben Tudor

Primary maths Licensed Trainer Emma Valerio profile

Emma Valério