A new approach to professional development

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New for 2024

We are delighted to launch our new CPD programme. It has been thoughtfully designed by our in-house experts to address the needs of education professionals.

To deliver impact using our programme requires specialist training and commitment. We can help you to make that difference for your pupils, help them to see themselves as mathematicians and change their life chances.

Our programme enables you to follow a pathway of professional growth that awards qualifications and these allow you to demonstrate what you know. These qualifications acknowledge the skills, experience and expertise that you have developed throughout your journey with us.

The skills you develop when you train with us will support your teaching practice across the subject range and set you up for success, whether you remain within the classroom or move to a non-class based position.

Our programme’s mode of delivery centres on face-to-face professional development. We believe peer and group work, modelling teaching approaches and sharing ideas and good practice is most effective when done in person.

Whatever stage you are in your teaching career, our programme will challenge, inspire and reward you.

We can’t wait to welcome you!

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Make an impact in the classroom with our ground-breaking professional development

Courses are tiered into two levels: baseline and advanced.

All practitioners delivering the programme in school should complete our baseline course Essentials of Maths Mastery, a three-day in-person training programme which covers the approach and how to implement the programme for impact.

Advanced courses focus on specific teaching and learning topics from pedagogy and key mathematical concepts to data analysis, assessment and leadership.

Courses are completed in local school settings, often over multiple days with interim tasks so that you can implement plans and return to reflect on the outcomes with your course leader and your peers.

Credits are awarded for each course. These are entry requirements for our qualification programme.

Talk to your Education Consultant to find out more.

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Demonstrate your skills with our teaching qualifications

Our three qualification options are designed to develop your mastery practice, differentiate your skills and experience, and prove your mastery teaching proficiency to the world.

The qualifications are

  • Maths — No Problem! Teacher
  • Maths — No Problem! Expert Teacher
  • Maths — No Problem! Master Teacher

Holders of these qualifications have successfully completed our baseline training and can demonstrate their ability to deliver an effective lesson using the programme.

In addition, Maths — No Problem! Expert Teachers demonstrate how they support their colleagues in school with professional development as well as planning and implementing change at a strategic level within school.

Maths — No Problem! Master Teachers do all of this and also show their work outside of their own schools, within their community. At Master Teacher level, they are also eligible to apply to be part of our Licensed Trainer programme.

We will share more information on our courses and our mastery qualifications on this page.

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Training in action

  • quote from Forest Federation in Northamptonshire
  • quote from Three Bridges Primary School in London, UK
  • Quote on Maths — No Problem! Foundations from Manley Park in Manchester
  • Leo Academy trust in London UK, on maths mastery programme
  • Quote from Grove Road School on SEN
  • Kingsley Primary School in Hartlepool on leadership in maths mastery
  • British Forces School in Germany on Maths — No Problem!
  • Grove Road School Quote on SATs results

Did you know?

We have a Licensed Trainer programme which allows you to arrange training at a time and setting to suit you.

Our founding licensed trainers co-created our CPD offer so you can be sure of quality and consistency, whether you train with us or one of the licensed trainers.

Read more about the programme and the professionals we partner with.

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