cpa representation of multiplications
Level 3
Level 3 Course

Multiplicative Reasoning


Level 3

1 day


6 credits


This course is designed for primary school teachers who wish to learn the essentials of teaching multiplicative reasoning to primary school pupils. It is intended for classroom teachers, maths leads and senior leaders. Participants are expected to be familiar with the materials covered in the 'Essentials of Teaching Maths Mastery' course. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that attendees complete that course before registering for this one.

Course Objectives

This professional development course for teachers aims to deliver the following outcomes:

  1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of how to teach and learn multiplicative reasoning within the broader context of the maths curriculum.
  2. Encourage a shift in educators' perspectives on teaching and learning multiplicative reasoning.
  3. Provide practical advice for lesson planning and enhancing lessons on multiplicative reasoning.
  4. Elevate educators to a high level of expertise in the subject of multiplicative reasoning.

Upon completion of this course, educators will possess thorough knowledge of teaching and learning multiplicative reasoning within primary education settings. By actively participating in real classroom scenarios—effectively stepping into their students' shoes—teachers will develop genuine empathy for the learning process.

This course aims to equip teachers with both the necessary content and the pedagogical knowledge to teach multiplicative reasoning effectively. As a result, pupils will gain a conceptual understanding of the topic, become fluent in applying multiplicative reasoning, and be able to use their knowledge to solve a wide range of familiar and unfamiliar problems.

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