Ask Lucy:
April 2017

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This week for ‘Ask Lucy‘, our Customer Service Advisor, Lucy Brooks, answers your top questions on ordering.


Question 1: I am from a school and I want to place an order for books, what should I do?

If you are ordering for a school you can send your purchase order to us at Once received, we will process your order and send your school an invoice along with confirmation of delivery. Deliveries are normally every Monday unless requested otherwise.

Question 2: How long will my books take to arrive?

We do our best to process orders of books that are in stock as soon as the order comes in. Delivery is usually within 3–5 days in the UK and 7–10 days in Europe depending on the postal service. Books that we do not keep in stock, or are out of stock at the time of the order, will take longer and in some cases up to 8 weeks.

In most instances the books will be sent by the postal service (THE POST OFFICE), but we reserve the right to deliver using alternative methods when we feel this may be appropriate. We can provide the customer with tracking details if requested and give an estimate of timings, but we cannot guarantee a date ourselves as we are reliant on the courier.

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