MNP Annual Conference: Deep Learning in Education

April 30, 2019 | London

Dig deeper to build higher

This year’s MNP Annual Conference covered the importance of deep learning in education and the underlying conceptual structures that support high achievement.

To those who attended, thank you for making us a part of your education journey.

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2019 Conference Presentation Slides

On April 30 we heard from forward-thinking mathematicians, educators, and neuroscientists as they explored the ideas and methodologies influencing modern learning.

Guest Speaker: Brian Butterworth
Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London

Author of the best-selling novel The Mathematical Brain, Brian Butterworth explores low numeracy in education and gives a neuroscientific perspective on the role our brains play in active learning.
Download: Low Numeracy – From Brain to Education

International Keynote Address: Dr Yeap Ban Har
International Singapore Maths Expert and MNP Primary Series Consultant, Singapore

A leading expert on teaching maths for mastery, Dr Yeap Ban Har has spent his entire career studying effective teaching methods. His talk looks at the evidence of deep learning and how it impacts the maths classroom.
Download: The Evidence of Deep Learning

Other featured speakers:

Philip McNaboe, Assistant Headteacher, Orrell Lamberhead Green Academy, Wigan
Download: How to Encourage Deep Mathematical Thinking in All Pupils

Wendy Liu, Primary Maths Consultant, NCETM PD Lead, London
Download: Maximising Activities

Louise Freir, Maths SLE, Wimborne Teaching School, Wimborne
Download: Developing Independent Thinkers

Jane Hopwood, Maths Teacher, Selby Community Primary School, Selby
Download: Literacy Hats Off, Mathematician Hats On

Mark Cotton, Principal, Our Lady of Pity RC Primary School, Merseyside
Download: Dunning-Kruger Effect, Unskilled and Unaware

Adam Gifford, MNP Trainer
Download: How Can I Get You Curious?

“Doing good maths is not knowing the answer. It’s how you behave when you do not.”

Dr Yeap Ban HarInternational Keynote speaker, MNP Annual Conference 2019

Keep your momentum going

The conference may be over for another year, but why stop there? Take what you’ve learned and apply it to your practice. Here’s some further reading to get you started.

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