Senior User Experience Designer

Location: North Vancouver
Type: Full-time

The MNP Experience Design Team

The Maths — No Problem! SaaS platform supports over 10,000 teachers daily with a quickly-growing suite of digital products and apps designed to help teachers teach, and students learn.

We believe that when you start with a clearly defined problem and a deep empathy for our customers, amazing things can happen. User-Centered Design and Design Thinking are at the core of our process. Our team is made up of experts who are adept at thinking outside the box, trying new things and who are always flexible in their approach. We believe in advocating for best practices, and supporting each other. Collaboration and continual learning are key to our culture, who we are and the products we produce. We have fun, we value feedback and we don’t mind pivoting in favour of a better idea, because we are on a relentless journey to deliver exceptional experiences that empower educators and children.

The Position

We are looking for a Senior UX Designer to help us craft disruptive digital products, marketing, and sales experiences that will take the mathematics education world by storm. We pursue excellence, and we’re looking for people to join the chase.

In this position you will:

  • Help to clarify (and sometimes gather) requirements
  • Plan and conduct research as needed
  • Conduct Usability testing/concept validation
  • Synthesize research and test data into recommendations for improvement
  • From project inception to release, provide documentation for platform integration, site structure (IA) integration and user experience artifacts
  • Collaborate with development teams to understand and ideate around tech considerations
  • Collaborate with creative to support MNP’s brand identity, tone and style
  • Collaborate with UI to ensure the best experience
  • Define and communicate use cases, end-to-end experiences, models and designs
  • Present UX design artifacts with context around use cases, goals and requirements
  • Develop and maintain experience design documentation and pattern libraries as needed
  • Communicate and guide the user experience by producing sketches, ERDs, customer journeys, site maps (IA), user flows, annotated wireframes, prototypes, etc.
  • Clearly define both business and customer needs in facilitating the understanding, clarification, and implementation of user experience requirements
  • Develop and nurture relationships across teams and disciplines to promote collaboration and efficiency
  • Design SaaS, E-Commerce, Marketing and Sales experiences across multiple platforms

About you

You love feedback because it helps you learn and grow. You believe in supporting the best ideas, even if you have to pivot to do so. You enjoy thinking about the digital human experience: how people interpret objects on the screen and move through flows. You empathize with human beings, what frustrates them, what makes them happy. You can discuss the minute details of input label positioning with a UI designer and then turn around and discuss product flow and how your design is achieving business goals with the CEO. You love communicating your ideas and ideating both visually and verbally. You have a clear process for executing and presenting UX deliverables for approvals and development. We work toward goals as a team, and so do you, respecting both your deadlines and the deadlines of others.

You thrive on solving complex challenges and understand the necessity of defining problems properly before designing solutions. You understand how to balance the needs of the business while keeping the user at the heart of the design process. You are a passionate advocate for not only the user, but also User-Centered Design and Design Thinking.

Required Experience

  • A minimum of 6+ years experience in a digital organization in a full-time role as a user experience designer (interaction designer, interaction architect, information architect, or related, this is not a UI or visual design position)
  • Adept at using Sketch and InVision seamlessly to design and prototype
  • Experienced in designing SaaS products (customer and product admin experiences) for complex platforms
  • Experience with AA accessibility standards
  • Ability to design for responsive experiences across multiple channels and platforms
  • Solid experience in responsive and component driven design
  • Designing high-conversion landing pages
  • Experienced in sales funnels and conversions
  • Agile

Application Requirements

1. A cover letter that includes:

  1. How your experience and personality fit the role
  2. Why you’re interested in working for Maths — No Problem!
  3. One paragraph on the key differences between a UX designer and a UI designer

2. Your resume or a link to your work experience

3. A link to a portfolio that includes examples of:

  1. The various types of UX artifacts you’ve produced
  2. UX artifacts showing how you document/annotate your designs
  3. Descriptions of problems you solved and how you solved them

What you get with MNP

We believe that a learning culture, collaboration and lots of laughter allow us to do our best work. We offer great benefits, opportunities to work from home, professional development training (gotta stay fresh and up to date on trends and technologies!), a gym, showers, bike storage and a view of the water that’s kinda hard to beat; especially at sunset.

Maths — No Problem! is proudly committed to equal employment opportunity. Learn more about MNP’s culture and opportunities.