Eye Church of England Primary School
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What makes Eye an Accredited School

The leadership team are totally committed to the approach, and take personal responsibility for improving maths standards. This sense of accountability and commitment translates clearly into excellent results. Since switching to maths mastery, Eye has seen considerable improvements in their maths attainment. During our visit, we were genuinely impressed by their teaching, and saw some creative and effective maths lessons.

School at a glance:

  • Primary school of 400~ students
  • Dynamic two-form entry school
  • Rated by Ofsted as “Good”
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“We believe that it is essential for children to enjoy their learning to learn effectively.”

Tina DuffyMaths Lead

In their own words

Our Maths — No Problem! journey

We are on a phenomenal academic journey. It began with a new and enthusiastic leadership team in 2015, and continues with exciting approaches to developing classroom learning across the whole school.

Over the last two years we have focused on the development of maths to ensure that all children are challenged, engaged, and excited about their maths learning. All teaching staff received Inset Training session led by Maths — No Problem!. The senior leadership team also attended workshops to further understand the approach.

Once the Maths — No Problem! training was complete, we focused on modelling methods and introduced bar modelling. Senior leaders provided further training in the form of workshops, lesson reviews, professional reflections, and team teaching.

As a result, 77 percent of children achieved the expected standard or above in maths as evidenced by our most recent end of KS2 results. Furthermore, children at our school eligible for pupil premium funding also overachieved in comparison to national results for non-pupil premium children.

Maths — No Problem! in our school

Each child across all year groups receives a Maths — No Problem! textbook and workbook, which they use with their maths journal to reflect on learning. We have developed our use of Maths — No Problem! by introducing collaborative strategies into classrooms to support children who find some concepts challenging.

We encourage teachers to tailor lessons to the needs of their class, and to bring the textbooks and workbooks to life with real-life examples. Students receive opportunities to support and coach each other during lessons.

The success of the Maths — No Problem! approach is evidenced by learners and teachers enjoying maths significantly more than in previous years. The staff are passionate about the Singapore approach to maths, and believe that children must have time to embed the foundations of the subject before they can progress onto more challenging tasks.

Our pupils maintain a positive attitude towards their learning, and enjoy supporting each other’s learning needs. Feedback from our children on maths mastery has been phenomenal:
“Guided Practice helps with my understanding of the work before I do it independently.” – Polly, Year 6
“The bar model has helped me to add and subtract because it is making it easier to solve hard calculations.” – Katy, Year 3

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Gemma Scane – Maths Lead

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017 3322 2314

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