DfE Funding for Maths Mastery: Start Claiming Now

What DfE funding is available, and how do I claim it?

Through its Teaching for Mastery Maths Textbook Subsidy, the Department for Education is providing funding to eligible schools to invest in maths mastery for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. 80% of the cost of approved resources is covered. But hurry – the submission deadline for the latest round of funding is 16 December!

If your school is eligible you will have been contacted by the DfE and asked to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). If you think you’ve missed on earlier funding rounds, get in touch with the DfE right away – there’s a good chance they will still be able to include you!

The EOI you send to the DfE needs to contain a resource cost estimate, and the DfE advises that you base your estimate on a quote obtained from an approved resource provider.

Can I buy Maths — No Problem! resources using this funding?

Yes. Maths — No Problem! resources have been approved by the DfE. In addition, Maths — No Problem! is offering a special discount on its school bundle price to eligible schools. So not only will the DfE cover 80% of the cost, but the price of our school bundle has additional discounts only available to eligible schools.

Why Maths — No Problem! is recommended by the DfE

The use of well-designed and tested textbooks is critical for successful implementation of teaching maths for mastery. A good textbook is both a lesson-planning tool for teachers, and a support for learners during lessons and individual work.

An expert panel concluded that the Maths — No Problem! Primary Series meets the core criteria set out by the DfE to support teaching maths for mastery:

  • Fully aligned with the 2014 English national curriculum
  • Learners progress together using a small-step teaching approach
  • Clear and uncluttered textbook design brings learners’ attention to key concepts
  • Maths is represented formally and correctly
  • Textbooks support both formative and summative assessment — helping children and teachers measure progress

What’s in a Maths — No Problem! school bundle?

Bundles include everything a primary school needs to get started with maths mastery:

  • DfE-recommended textbooks and workbooks
  • Step-by-step lesson guidance for teachers
  • Distance learning support for parents and children at home

When do I need to submit my Expression of Interest to the DfE?

Eligible schools need to act quickly to meet the DfE’s deadline, which is 16 December for schools in the first round. Don’t miss out – contact us now! We are standing by to provide you with a quote for your EOI, and to help guide you through the process.

How can I secure this DfE funding for my school?

You can contact us directly on 01892 577 114, and at sales@mathsnoproblem.co.uk to speak with someone about getting started. Or fill in the form below to set up a free demo with our expert education consultant.