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MNP In School Training

Whether you’re new to Maths — No Problem! or you’re looking for support to further your maths mastery practice — there’s custom online training to suit the specific needs of your school.

Inset training at a glance

Customised for you

Get the most out of your inset training. We’re offering online training through Zoom that works for your schedule and learning needs. Book a two-hour online session that covers specific topics, implementation, and resources.

Train your whole team

Online inset training is designed to engage and educate your team, answer their questions and help to align school goals. These tailored sessions help to clarify the Maths — No Problem! Programme and improve teacher confidence, collaboration, and buy-in.

Help at every step

Whether you’re new to maths mastery, struggling with implementation, or want to better understand specific topics and resources — inset training will support you at every step.

Watch a short introduction to teaching number sense, featuring Maths — No Problem! Training Consultant Judy Hornigold.

Online Inset Training Options

No two schools, classrooms, or schedules are alike. That’s why we offer a variety of online inset training options that can be combined and customised to create a training experience that works for everyone.

Customised Training

Let us create a unique CPD course for your school. Choose from specific topics like journaling, assessment, bar modelling, differentiating lessons or EYFS. Chat with us at about what you’d like to see in your custom course.

Fundamentals of Maths Mastery

(2 hour session)
Learn best practices for implementing Maths — No Problem! textbooks and resources in your school and get an in-depth look at how the textbooks support your practice.

Textbook Implementation for KS1 or KS2

(2 hour session)
See what maths mastery is all about. In this session, you’ll cover the core concepts, teaching methods and pedagogical research that underpins the teaching for mastery approach.

Bar Modelling

(2 hour session)
Master the essential teaching technique proven to help children visualise concepts and solve problems. Get set up with everything you need to confidently teach this method in class.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

(2 hour session)
Get your early learners set up for lasting maths success. Go over the development of mathematical constructs, ideas and activities in Early Year Foundation Stage.

“The training yesterday was superb, with many staff buzzing about the prospect of taking on Singapore maths in our school.”

Roseberry Community Primary School

Book Inset Training

Online inset training delivered by an expert trainer over Zoom. To book your inset training session or to learn more about Maths — No Problem! resources, reach out to us at

Customised Inset Training: £200 +VAT (per hour)
Inset Training Courses: £400 +VAT (2 hour session)

We advise a maximum of 15 participants per session.