7 July 2023

CPD training course for learning how to teach assessment

Using Assessment to Ensure Mastery in Mathematics


This course is intended for primary school leaders and classroom teachers who want to delve more deeply into the essentials of assessment for primary mathematics.

Course Objective

This course is designed to:

  1. Understand the different types of assessment in primary school mathematics and how to apply them in a mastery learning environment
  2. Move beyond negative perceptions to uncover assessment’s true power
  3. Learn how to use assessment to measure understanding, applying and reasoning
  4. Explore how to focus assessment on pupil success

After completing the course, educators will have a better understanding of why an effective assessment practice is so essential. They will gain deeper insight into how to use assessment to advance their pupils, particularly in a maths mastery context.

Course Content

Assessment in the modern classroom

  • What building blocks do teachers need to put in place for early learners to begin grasping mathematical concepts such as number and pattern?

Pupil success

  • Ranking pupils by achievement doesn’t help them learn more effectively, nor does assessment always lead to improved learning. How can we change this trend?

Teacher success

  • Data from traditional assessment methods is often confusing or overwhelming. How can teachers use assessment data to improve their practice?

School success

  • Many leaders find it difficult to interpret statistical data because it’s not collected in a standardised way. What tools are available for leaders who want to measure how well their school is serving its pupils, or to gauge the effectiveness of their policies and improvement initiatives?

So much data, but what’s relevant and how do I make sense of it?

  • For educators, there is often too much data to track. When assessment identifies a learning gap, how should teachers interpret the data so it leads to the most effective and timely interventions for individual pupils and classes?
Novotel Manchester Centre
21 Dickinson Street
Manchester M1 4LX
Date: 7 July 2023
Time: 09:15–16:00 (BST)
Price: £205 + VAT
Adam Gifford Headshot
Adam Gifford: Maths Lead Trainer

This course will be run by Adam Gifford who worked as a primary school headteacher, where he oversaw the school’s involvement with the National Textbook Project using Maths — No Problem! materials. He is Maths Recovery trained, and was the first Primary Maths Specialist Leader in Education within the United Kingdom. He works closely with the NW1 Maths Hub, where he has held strategic leadership positions and continues his involvement with various work groups.

Adam has worked with Manchester University, numerous local authorities, and Teaching School Alliances.

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The British Book Awards, 2018

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