9 June 2023

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Teach the way you wish you were taught

This course introduces the core concepts and strategies used to teach maths for mastery. For teachers and schools researching maths mastery, this is the perfect first step.

In this two hour online seminar, we’ll cover over 20 years of pedagogical research, teaching methods and key learning theories of teaching maths for mastery.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a strong understanding of the theories that underpin maths mastery and what it takes to implement this approach in your school.

Course Highlights:

  • Cover the pedagogical research and evidence Singapore used to jump from the 400s to 500s on the TIMSS* scale
  • Tackle maths mastery learning theories from influential theorists: Jerome Bruner, Jean Piaget, Zoltan Dienes and Richard Skemp
  • Learn practical classroom skills and teaching methods to help pupils gain a deep understanding of maths
  • Explore use of three key learning tools: ten frames, number bonds and bar modelling

*Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study

Dates: 9 June 2023
Time: 09:00–11:00 (BST)
Price: £80 + VAT

Who should attend?

This introductory course is for educators of all levels. No prior experience, course work or expertise in maths mastery required.

Jo Sawyer maths mastery training specialist
This course will be run by Jo Sawyer, a teacher and an educational consultant with a particular passion for mathematics. Jo is a primary mastery lead and a PD (Professional Development) lead for the NCETM.

Jo completed a Masters in Mathematical Education with a specific focus in Far Eastern mathematics. During her time as a headteacher in an outstanding school, Jo introduced Maths — No Problem! and is happy to share her experience of its successes.

The full version of this course can be delivered as an inset day – contact training@mathsnoproblem.com for further details or click here

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