Maths in the Classroom

Every child can become a confident mathematician with the right teaching and support.

Maths — No Problem! instils a deep and secure understanding of maths concepts in all your learners.

Maths — No Problem! textbook 1A

Classroom support

Support your Reception to Year 6 learners with our award-winning programme. The textbooks and workbooks are backed by decades of research, painstakingly designed by experts, endorsed by the NCETM and accredited by the DfE.

Our programme also includes:

  • Online Teacher Guides to support you every step of the way
  • Comprehensive training to take your practice to the next level
  • Academy - an extensive library of video tutorials

“We did a survey with the children and we asked them what their favourite subject was and 97% of children in the whole school said it was maths. And for me, that was the moment when I thought, yeah, we’ve done exactly the right thing.”

– Headteacher, Saudi Arabia

Find out why teachers in hundreds of schools in the UK and around the world love our programme.

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